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  1. Unlocking iPhone

    You're not the only one. I'm still waiting for some good news about the iPhone in europe. Right now i can't wait another five or six months and so i'd really like to buy from U.S. I don't care about the localization, we just try to understand if it is possible to change the AT&T sim card with another one ( not phisically of course ). I'm italian and i have a vodafone sim card, i hope we'll get some good news as soon as possible.. Stay tuned
  2. Leopard Installation Method

    I have the same question, who can help us?
  3. A lot of persons have the DVI monitors, like me , you can also release them even if they don't work with analog monitors. If you want a beta tester pm me
  4. Mashugly, i've already read it but i cannot find the solution for this problem. I understood what UUID is, but what should i do? (thanks for the help)
  5. Open the iso with a Hex editor Goto to offset 0x7D64CF And overwrite with 0x0b0d01000000 (really thanks to blex0r)
  6. no you didn't undestand... i have the phoenix release, and i used the blex0r tips to patch it using an hex editor..
  7. I got "waiting for boot volume with UUID 74820F9D-4EF8-3B58-ABA1-19D13CCA2251" when i try to boot from dvd patched for no sse3. Anyone is able to help me? (I read the wiki but i didn't find any information to fix it)
  8. With an Athlon64 non sse3 i get the WindowServer mouse pointer without blue bg. Please tell us that there's a way to bypass it...please. Edit: i'm quoting some lines from buildyourownmac.com
  9. Donate toward a Developers Kit

    I hope it could help. I subscribed the offer of the first post. This is my reference http://www.macminis4free.com/default.aspx?r=435044
  10. Supported Hardware

    I'm still blocked here, like you...