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  1. Leopard Installation Method

    Here is my method of install, it works good on my iBook G4 but since I was semi-clueless as I did it, you could end up wasting some disk space. What you will need is 1.) the leopard disk image 2.) your tiger install disks .3) time. First you need to partition your startup disk, since you cant do this you need to put in your install disk and go to utilities > disk utility. i partitioned my disk off in 2 which was a mistake, so i advise 3 if you want to boot into tiger. make 1 that is 5.05 GB, just enough to fit the dmg contents (i named it install), then make your tiger and leopard partitions whatever size you want with the space you have left. Now you need to install Tiger, so install it on yout Tiger partition. then we need to mount the disk image and go to disk utility. select the install partition and go to restore. restore the leopard disk image on to the install partition. when it is done, boot into the install partition and install it on your leopard partition. it worked fine for me, everything is great. if you can find out how to erase the contents of the install partition you could use it for timemachine. -mvv
  2. Can't find video effects for iChat

    i think they werent added into the preview build but i cant be sure
  3. how can you partition the startup disk?
  4. Leopard Installation Method

    what is the way to install on ibook g4 ppc i dont have external hd but i do have 5g ipod 60gb thanks
  5. Leopard Installation Method

    how can i partition my startup disk
  6. Leopard Installation Method

    CCC is bringing up a ton of applescript errors, and since im on a ppc machien i cant boot from the usb device. any alternate methods of install?!
  7. Leopard Installation Method

    complex how did you get the system to recognize your ipod, i thought you cant boot from usb devices
  8. Leopard Installation Method

    if i hold down option it just shows 1 disk (ibooks hd) i dont think i completely erased correctly, because it is still showing up as a ipod does restoring the leopard dmg move the contents of it to the ipod because i cant mount it now
  9. Leopard Installation Method

    hi guys i have finished the downloading of leopard dvd. i want to install it on my ibook g4's hd using my ipod 60gb 5g. i erased the whole thing and then restored the dmg onto the ipod, successful. however when i try to install, i opent he installer from finder, restart, and then i end up booting into tiger. my ipod still shows up as a ipod icon and if i press c to boot with it it just boots into 10.4 i cant set it as the startup disk.