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  1. bluenote56

    Snow Leopard on Acer Veriton X2611G

    First, thanks for your help. You know, you feel devastated when you enter your office and you find only ruins from thieves. BTW here are the specs of this miserable machine and concerning the bootloader I tried with and old distro that I used so many yers ago. If it should work I have no problem to find a low profile gpu. Intel Pentium G645 @2.90 Ghz Sandy Bridge 32nm Intel HD Graphics (d.id 8086-0102) Realtek High Definition Audio Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller Thanks
  2. Hi, it happens I have to use this pc as for now, since all my other staff has been stolen two days ago. I' m very happy.. you can understand. Please give me some advice on installing Snow Leopard on this machine. It has a Sandy Bridge cpu (H61 it seems) 6 gb ram and since it's ages I don't face this kind of installation, I tried with an old SL dvd without any success. Thanks so much for your help.
  3. bluenote56

    10.14.5 no sound on HP laptop

    Thank you very much. I will try this solution as soon as possible and give you feedback.
  4. Hi, just updated my HP laptop (in signature) and everything' s fine but sound. I tried to reinstall VoodooHDA 2.9.1 without any success. Could someone give me some advice to fix it? Thanks
  5. I had to recover from a Time Machine backup. My version is 10.13.6 (17G4015) with .113 working. Thanks for your help.
  6. I' m currently running .113 and if I try .118 it doesnt' let me of course. Ok I'll try to uninstall .113 and do it again
  7. HI I updated with last security and now I got a 17G6022 version and I can't find the right web driver for. I tried to patch with Easy web driver patcher without success. Can someone give some advice? Thanks
  8. bluenote56


    I realized that fans work from boot to login. Then they stop since the gpu is not stressed and doesn't reach 60°. I didn't know this. As soon as i did a Heaven extreme test reaching 70° they started working. My fault. Thanks anyway.
  9. bluenote56


    Well I did exactly what you said but installing Enoch from the installer as I usually do. I will install it following your instructions. Btw it's the first time I must face this issue. Thanks for your help. I'll give you feedback anyway.
  10. Hi, I just realized that my ASUS GTX 1060 6 GB STYX fans stop working as soon as I reach the log in screen on my build. I have no idea why they do. Could someone give me some advice about it? Thanks.
  11. bluenote56


    First, Happy New Year there! Then, I feel I'm dumb. I've used Enoch without any problem till now but since I lost my High Sierra USB, I tried to make another one. Well. when I install Enoch and reboot I always end with a boot gpt - Boot done error. I've tried many times, with different USB pens.. I know it's my fault but I can't understand wtf I'm doing wrong.
  12. bluenote56

    Mojave : Nvidia web driver petition

    done.. let's wait
  13. bluenote56

    HP 15bs059nl problema dopo aggiornamento bios laptop

    Innanzitutto grazie come al solito per l' aiuto. Nel frattempo mi si è incasinato tutto ho riformattato l' hd ho provato a fare una installazione pulita e prendere dal backup ma ha dato problemi. Per farla breve ho riaggiornato tutto e copiato dal disco Time Machine quello che mi serviva. Rispetto all' installazione fatta a suo tempo con la tua cartella Clover ho perso il controllo della luminosità, ma soprattutto con firmware F40 non riesco assolutamente a fargli vedere la partizione Efi come prima. Ho fatto anche remove e rimesso add clover for all entries. Mi vede solo il windows manager e la efi da penna esterna. Non riesco proprio a capire dove sbaglio. Se potessi darmi un aiuto sia per ripristinare il controllo brightness sia per capire se magari sbaglio un settaggio anche se effettivamente non è una cosa complessa e l' ho già fatta varie volte prima con successo. Grazie
  14. bluenote56

    HP 15bs059nl problema dopo aggiornamento bios laptop

    probabilmente sono incapace.. ho resettato da bios a default, ho fatto il clear, ho disattivvato la protezione Intel, ho reinstallato Clover UEFI, ho fatto il boot da penna usb esterna , ho selezionato da opzioni Clover add to etc.. come sempre. Risultato niente se vado nelle opzioni del bios non mi vede Clover efi nelle opzioni, se faccio f9 e scelgo fil efi mi vede la penna usb e il boot manager win. Dove **** sto sbagliando.. mi sta cominciando la bestia di radere tutto al suolo... Aiuto gradito.. andava benissimo prima dell' aggiornamento bios maledizione e visto che lo uso per lavorare e mi serve sia win che mac sto un pò stranito. Scusate.
  15. bluenote56

    HP 15bs059nl problema dopo aggiornamento bios laptop

    Scusa la mia ignoranza.. come mai la devo rifare?