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  1. PPCnostalgic

    “Informazioni su questo Mac” scheda video sbagliata

    Ciao Andryx68. Fai l'aggiornamento di sistema (Mac OS 10.14.1) e poi allega il File config.plist così lo guardo e cerco di capire se c'è qualcosa di sbagliato. Suggerimento: oscura il numero di serie quando alleghi un resoconto di sistema Rob
  2. PPCnostalgic

    macOS Mojave 10.14.1 is out

    Up and running, no issues from App Store. Audio, Wifi, graphic acceleration all works properly fast and smooth on this old X58 machine (see signature)
  3. PPCnostalgic

    Boot Failure

    I did it, you can see it in the first attached picture
  4. PPCnostalgic

    Boot Failure

    Good evening. After installing High Sierra on my HP Z400 (see signature) I can't get rid of frequent boot failures. When I try to boot the machine Clover allows volume selection and then it get stuck at Apple logo (progression bar appears but doesn't start) and I need to force reboot several times (at least 3 times) before the system loads fine. Once loaded the machine works fast and stable with no issues. This happens only with High Sierra, never had probs with Sierra. The system HD is APFS but this problem occurs even when booting High Sierra from a backup rotational HFS+ Hard disk. In the attached folder there are 2 pictures of the black startup screen stuck at apple logo, the Clover folder and the IOReg file. I've tried all I could (reinstalled HS 10.13.6, repaired permissions, tried another HD but no go). Can someone more skilled than me just take a look to the attached folder and suggest me something to try please? Thank you. Files.zip
  5. PPCnostalgic

    Laptop heating quite soon on Mojave

    Good evening. If you don't post your complete hardware configuration how can we help you? It would be the same as saying "my car makes a strange noise, what could be the reason?"
  6. PPCnostalgic

    Mio hackintosh e monitor 4K

    Confermo quello che dice Netgear. Anch'io per avere la risoluzione 4K a 60Hz devo necessariamente usare l'uscita DP (v 1.4). Posso ottenere 3840x2160 a anche attraverso la DVI ma solo a 24Hz e la visuale è molto povera.
  7. PPCnostalgic

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    HP Z400 (signature) Waiting for Nvidia Web Drivers.....
  8. PPCnostalgic

    macOS Mojave - Launched

    HP Z400 (signature) No graphic acceleration and Finder doesn't work properly, audio works via external USB card
  9. PPCnostalgic

    Hackintosh won't sleep fully (10.12.6)?

    Hey MaLdOn, my Z400 (signature) has just the SAME issue than UnDeaDAmP. It sleeps only by putting to sleep via Apple menu, it never sleeps by itself despite SysPref is setted to sleep after 20 min. Can you please take a look to my IOREG as well please? Thank you very much Rob Send me Z400.zip
  10. My Pc is quite older than yours (HP Z400) but I have a similar issue. When I put the system to sleep from the apple menu it sleeps and wake up fine, but if I let the machine to sleep by itself only monitor sleeps.....
  11. When Gigabyte built our X58 boards there weren't DDR3 modules greater than 4Gb, I think that's why they stated 24Gb as maximum ;-)
  12. I like challenges too so I completely agree with your choice. BTW Great CPU that Xeon X5670 on your Gigabyte build! I think there's really nothing better than that six cores Xeon for the actual price, I had one some time ago on my HP Z400 and it was very powerful and very stable. Did you know you can boot your GA-X58 from a nvme SSD? Mine boots fine and very fast from Samsung SM951 (see signatures)
  13. Agree, I was wrong about prices, MOBO for your model is still expensive (too much indeed). You said it runs smoothly with Linux? If you can't fix it to run Mac OS just go for Linux, after 2 or 3 days of use your mum I'm sure she'll like it.
  14. Uhm....... things get worse. Consider a logic board replacement, you can find a used working one on eBay for cheap and within a couple of hours you'll be up and running.
  15. Ok, have you tried a safe mode boot and, if yes, did you see any change(s)?