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  1. Hello, Actually CoreDisplayFixup was initially written for a friend of mine, and I myself do not even have any related device to test, so I am not sure what is exactly problematic. Yet I have heard something about iTunes crashing, and I guess Shiki might be the solution, check it out here: https://github.com/vit9696/Shiki/blob/master/Shiki/kern_start.cpp#L51, you may also need some other patches there.
  2. Hi, No. Either of them is enough. (In my opinion you may create LiluFriend.kext/Contents/PlugIns folder and put Lilu + plugins there)
  3. PMheart

    Clover General discussion

    If I remember correctly the separator should only be a comma (i.e. ','), instead of a comma plus a space. (", ") So you may try "10.12.x,10.13.x", rather than "10.12.x, 10.13.x". Is it possible that the patch is broken? "allowed" means the patch is "legal", yet may not be "appropriate". EDIT: You may check the debug log, particularly something like "patched %d times", or so...
  4. Alright. So could you please help me confirm that if the patch is still working? I guess you can just restart your hack and check whether there's no log printed. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, Really? I've checked the apfs.efi you uploaded. And my old patch is still there. Looks like it's already been patched. (Probably by you?)
  6. PMheart

    Clover General discussion

    Just change the find/replace patterns into ASCII form, that's all. (0x10f68086 is 30783130663638303836, and 0x10d38086 is 30783130643338303836, use these two instead. Both are little endian, yet I don't think you'll need to mess with these thingies.) You need 10.10+ for the black Apple logo. Plus a relatively new SMBios model is supposed to be set. (Cannot remember the exact border unfortunately) As for Mac Pro series, black logo will only appear on MacPro6,1. Even if on older Mac with 10.10+, the logo is also grey with white background. Thus you may not really need to let you hack be "more like the real Macs". Maybe there's a way to patch boot.efi for the older models...
  7. PMheart

    Clover General discussion

    Thanks for the clarification. Oh yes, remembered that there was a discussion on this probably in late 2016, perhaps since then the behavior has been changed. Sorry, I was wrong! (You can see @RehabMan's clarification above.) According to his sayings, you don't have to do it. Just keep your "dirty-but-effective" patch. By the way, you may remove some duplicated patches. (e.g. The ones applied to AppleUSBXHCIPCI)
  8. PMheart

    Clover General discussion

    When specifying a *rough* name, for instance, IOAHCIBlockStorage, Clover will also search for its dependencies and try to patch. (This should not be what you want, you are just willing to patch the kext itself, additionally in most cases there is no such occurrence in those dependent kexts, and you don't want to patch it/them either, furthermore, it's a waste of time, though, you can hardly ever feel it)
  9. Hi, could you please give the original apfs.efi from 17E139j to me? I may make it for you. [EDIT]: Thanks MaLd0n!
  10. This is kind of interesting. To be honest, I don't have such device to test, CoreDisplayFixup was initially written for a friend of mine who can never boot properly without the patch applied to CoreDisplay.framework. It should have nothing to do with resolutions. (Nonetheless I'm not really sure, I haven't checked the binary yet, maybe I'd never check though...) Well, now that you said that it did do something on your resolution stuffs and you still could not enable 4K, should that relate to HiDPI instead? You can search Google for those details.
  11. Hi, I don't know if CoreDisplayFixup can help with this. (From your report I'm afraid not.) Anyway, if you can boot without CoreDisplayFixup, then you don't even need it at all. (I actually don't know what my kext does exactly either, the patch is from https://github.com/Floris497/mac-pixel-clock-patch-v2 as I wrote on GitHub...)
  12. Fred's increases the port limit. (The default 0x0F is 15 in decimal, and it increases the limitation.) Mine disables the limit entirely. (You can have any port be working.)
  13. 0f 83 97 04 00 00 (OOPS! I forgot one 00 byte before) is jae 0x117be. So NOPping that will disable the jump if the port is >= 0x0F. Sorry! I made the wrong patch before! Please try this one: 83 7D 94 0F 0F 83 97 04 00 00 -> 83 7D 94 0F 90 90 90 90 90 90
  14. This is weird. If it doesn't work, then just use Fred's method.