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  1. But it shows me "387. is already installed.". I wanted to install 387. to my 10.13.4 system.
  2. hi I would like to install the recent 387. driver on my 10.13.4 system. How to do that again? I think it was possible to change the Info.plists in the driver and temporarily change the system version.plist? Wasn't there a script for that, too?
  3. Funky frank

    EFI Agent v1.3.2 (menu bar utility)

    @headkaze I was planning to code a tool, and I like that yours is very small. Using Swift, it seems to be impossible to get small app size and low memory usage.
  4. Funky frank

    EFI Agent v1.3.2 (menu bar utility)

    hey @headkaze , how did you code this, are you using objective-c or swift?
  5. Funky frank

    Clover General discussion

    Which software is this?
  6. Funky frank

    Building a new hackintosh based on AMD cpu?

    Heyy, I am planning to upgrade my hackintosh from a core i7 4770 to a much faster system. Since Intel CPUs are such flawed by design lately, and those microcode patches will heavily degrade its performance, I was aiming for a new system based on an AMD cpu. It shouldn't be too expensive either. So here are my questions: 1. Are there still kernel patches required for running macOS on recent AMD cpus? 2. If so, is it then running 100% 3. What are your recommendations for a cpu model? I want to have at least 8 physical cores, and single core speed should be at least a bit faster than it was on i7 4770 (even recent Intels only seem to have like max. 30% more) 4. What mainboard should I choose? I need a mATX form factor Thanks.
  7. Funky frank

    AGPM Injector kext generator app!!

    Hi, what does this injector exactly do, I don't get it. I have HS 10.13.4 and and nvidia 1050 ti. Would my system benefit from this?
  8. Funky frank

    Lilu — kext and process patcher

    Hi, is it somehow possible to load a kext before another kext while booting up, and even further, ensuring that there will be 6 seconds of pause/other kext loading until the second kext will be loaded?
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  10. Is the recent version faster than 387.
  11. Ergot can you benchmark pre and post?
  12. So what is new in 387. Seems to be quite a version jump, is there any info available, or a changelog? Also how is the performance with this driver? I also wonder if Apple optimized anything graphics related in 10.13.5? Cannot find any information here either...
  13. Why there never is a changelog by nvidia?????????????????????????????????????
  14. Hi, I still have (and always had) a weird problem with the nvidia card, and I don't know if it is a power unit issue or a driver issue. Do you have such a problem, too: Sometimes the screen goes black, for example if I scroll a specific webpage. It turns then on again, and off again. Then it may disappear and everyathing works fine again. Or not. Usually a reboot will let this problem disappear. There is no obvious heavy cpu/power usage while this happens. Do you know this problem? Does it sound like a driver problem? I use a gt1050 2gb and a 4k monitor connected thru DP.
  15. Make sure your Intel Graphics runs in connector-less mode.