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  1. Ergot can you benchmark pre and post?
  2. So what is new in 387. Seems to be quite a version jump, is there any info available, or a changelog? Also how is the performance with this driver? I also wonder if Apple optimized anything graphics related in 10.13.5? Cannot find any information here either...
  3. Why there never is a changelog by nvidia?????????????????????????????????????
  4. Hi, I still have (and always had) a weird problem with the nvidia card, and I don't know if it is a power unit issue or a driver issue. Do you have such a problem, too: Sometimes the screen goes black, for example if I scroll a specific webpage. It turns then on again, and off again. Then it may disappear and everyathing works fine again. Or not. Usually a reboot will let this problem disappear. There is no obvious heavy cpu/power usage while this happens. Do you know this problem? Does it sound like a driver problem? I use a gt1050 2gb and a 4k monitor connected thru DP.
  5. Make sure your Intel Graphics runs in connector-less mode.
  6. Vit updated his NvidiaGraphicsFixup, and it does not patch the recent driver anymore, so I guess the new driver includes his fix somehow.
  7. All glitches are fixed here with the very recent driver on 10.13.4! Finally a useable version, thanks nvidia for listening to bugreporters!
  8. 10.30.103, 10.25.160, 10.25.106 and 10.25.102 cause all graphics corruption here in 1050gt, haswell, imac14,2, kernelxcpm. bbmatias3: what config do you have?
  9. Hi the recent 387. driver causes flickering and graphics errors on my desktop and 1050gt, esp. while using safari (10.13.4). I also tried a patched 387., but no luck, still graphics errors. Which version is not causing graphics errors?
  10. Funky frank

    Clover General discussion

  11. Funky frank

    Clover General discussion

    That entry will be recreated with every boot.
  12. Funky frank

    Clover General discussion

    Sure. This is after a nvram clearing and a reboot of Sierra: nvram -p fakesmc-key-MSWr-ui8 %00 fakesmc-key-RPlt-ch8* j17%00%00%00%00%00 fakesmc-key-RBr -ch8* j16j17%00%00 EFILoginHiDPI %01%00%00%00 fakesmc-key-#KEY-ui32 %00%00%00%00 SystemAudioVolumeDB %80 fakesmc-key-BATP-flag %00 EFIBluetoothDelay %b8%0b fakesmc-key-MSTc-ui8 %00 fakesmc-key-BNum-ui8 %00 security-mode none csr-active-config g%00%00%00 fakesmc-key-$Num-ui8 %01 fakesmc-key-MSFW-ui8 %01%00 fakesmc-key-REV -ch8* %02%15%0f%00%00%07 fakesmc-key-MSPS-ui16 %00%03 fakesmc-key-$Adr-ui32 %00%00%03%00 fakesmc-key-EPCI-ui32 %07%a0%07%00 bluetoothActiveControllerInfo %01%00%12%0a%01%00%00%00%12%1a%00%1a}%daq%0c nvda_drv 1%00 fakesmc-key-MSAc-ui16 %00%00 SystemAudioVolume %80 fakesmc-key-RMde-char A specialbootdevice %02%01%0c%00%d0A%03%0a%00%00%00%00%01%01%06%00%02%1f%03%12%0a%00%03%00%ff%ff%00%00%04%01*%00%02%00%00%00(@%06%00%00%00%00%00%e0%1f.:%00%00%00%00Q%d2%18%87%d2%ectC%b4%95%aa%b2%d2%ce%a06%02%02%7f%ff%04%00 fakesmc-key-BEMB-flag %00
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    Clover General discussion

    Hi, I am not using emuvariable, but real nvram from the board. I already cleaned the nvram (there were lots of efi-apple-payload entries, but no change). So could I select the other drive in the macos settings as boot device and it would work? I am afraid of setting this, so the computer would not boot at all anymore...
  14. Funky frank

    Clover General discussion

    Thanks for info. But on the "OSX" HFS+ partition, there is a 571.960 bytes sized "boot.efi" under /System/Library/CoreServices/boot.efi. Also more log: 3:825 0:000 === [ AddCustomTool ] ===================================== 3:830 0:005 found tool \EFI\CLOVER\tools\Shell64U.efi 3:830 0:000 Checking EFI partition Volume 8 for Clover 3:831 0:001 Checking EFI partition Volume 11 for Clover 3:845 0:014 Found Clover 3:846 0:000 === [ GetEfiBootDeviceFromNvram ] ========================= 3:846 0:000 - found entry 2. 'Boot macOS from OSXSSD', Volume 'OSXSSD', DevicePath 'PciRoot(0x0)\Pci(0x1F,0x2)\Sata(0x3,0xFFFF,0x0)\HD(2,GPT,8718D221-ECD2-4374-XXXX-AAB2D2CEA036,0x64028,0x3A2E1FE0)\System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efii' 3:846 0:000 DefaultIndex=2 and MainMenu.EntryCount=11 3:875 0:028 GUI ready 5:876 2:001 === [ StartLoader ] ======================================= So it cannot find the boot.efi on "OSX", even if I see here that it is there... Btw. notice the typo? in the log "boot.efii' instead "boot.efi"... Also why is it getting the info only from nvram? "GetEfiBootDeviceFromNvram"...
  15. Funky frank

    Clover General discussion

    Hm, ok thanks for this info. What is clover exactly looking for on the HFS+ partition? Only /Sys/Lib/Kernels/kernel ? What files do have to exist to make it appear in the list? btw. these are the bootlog entries: 3:569 0:001 === [ ScanLoader ] ======================================== 3:569 0:000 - [05]: 'Win8Boot' 3:569 0:000 - [06]: 'Win8System', hidden 3:569 0:000 - [07]: 'ntfsrest', hidden 3:569 0:000 - [08]: 'EFI' 3:570 0:000 - [09]: 'OSX2' 3:649 0:079 AddLoaderEntry for Volume Name=OSX2 3:719 0:070 hibernated: set as never 3:778 0:058 - [10]: 'Recovery HD' 3:778 0:000 AddLoaderEntry for Volume Name=Recovery HD 3:809 0:031 - [11]: 'EFI' 3:812 0:002 - [13]: 'EFI' 3:815 0:003 - [14]: 'OSXSSD' 3:819 0:004 AddLoaderEntry for Volume Name=OSXSSD 3:822 0:002 hibernated: set as never 3:824 0:002 Scanning legacy ... 3:824 0:000 5: 'Win8Boot' (vista,win) add legacy 3:825 0:000 added 'Boot Windows from Win8Boot' OSType=2 Icon=vista,win 3:825 0:000 6: 'Win8System' (vista,win) hidden 3:825 0:000 7: 'ntfsrest' (vista,win) hidden 3:825 0:000 11: 'EFI' (win) add legacy 3:825 0:000 added 'Boot Windows from EFI' OSType=2 Icon=win That new "EFI" entry really seems to come from the EFI partition of "OSX" and will be falsely listed as windows...?