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Apple's seeding first beta of 10.11.4

While we are only at the third beta of 10.11.3, Apple seems to want to accelerate things and seeds a first beta of 10.11.4.

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They've finally fixed the sound assertions I was getting from AppleUSBAudio. Progress at last!


Garageband '11 timeline colours are still screwed. Looking around on the Apple forums someone suggested it's because 10.11 reads the byte order of the resource tiffs wrong (GBR instead of RGB).

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First look: OS X 10.11.4 beta brings Live Photos to Messages


Apple's Live Photos feature plays well with devices running iOS.


Double clicking a Live Photo brings up a preview window like the one seen above. Alternatively, image preview can be triggered by selecting an image and tapping the space bar. Clicking on the "Live Photo" icon at the bottom left of the open window begins playback, a touchpad substitute for 3D Touch on iPhone 6s. 

The preview window also contains a button to open the image in Photos for editing.

Only iPhone 6s and 6s Plus handsets can capture Live Photos, though other devices running iOS 9 are capable of viewing the resulting image files, whether sent via Messages, email or AirDrop.


What is live photos of Apple


The data of a Live Photo is exported as a set of files in a PHAssetResource object. The set of files must be preserved as a unit when you upload them to a server.


Reference https://developer.apple.com/library/prerelease/ios/releasenotes/General/WhatsNewIniOS/Articles/iOS9_1.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40016572-DontLinkElementID_4


How to extract video from it..


Use the PHAssetResourceManager to get the video file from the PHAssetResource

toFile: fileURL, options: nil, completionHandler:
// Video file has been written to path specified via fileURL


OS X 10.11.4 does support password protected notes in the Notes app, allowing a password to be assigned to individual notes.

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Now, install on my test partition and hope that Apple was able to fix some USB problems.

10.11.4 works fine on my AMD Hackintosh, but USB problems are still there. :( 



all USB Ports working fine  :D

got my pkg of beta combo update... it will fix usb errors?

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In the new Developer Update that came out today, Safari does autoplay in youtube, when previously it didn't :D

It is a feature that I really like so I will definitely upgrade my main partition to 10.11.4 once it's stable

Of course all of iCloud and FaceTime works perfect after updating to the Developer Beta heheh

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