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Whats does your desktop look like?

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this is the desktop i use day to day, i sent this screenshot to the maker of a great program called Desktop Corral to demo how i was using it to constrain my windows. just found it whilst cleaning today. :dev:


each of the icons on the launcher at the bottom pops up to contain links to programs of like type, i can get to any program on my computer in two clicks. am still working on setting up osX for more efficient access to progs.


one thing i have to say for windows, it is totally customizable.




oh, and my "save as" dialogue box, added an extra location.


gotta love domukun! :D



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Go Luna Element.

Nice how you got that xp :poster_oops:

Just got my xp installed spend some time installing drivers + autopatcher :D


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and here is the right click menus for an example, its great!




I did that on my server 2003 enterprise edition install, its pritty cool because the stuff on the desktop that looks like part of the "hal 9000" desktop backround actuially work but the odd thing is that the screenshot app that i used did not pick up the buttons under the wmp desktop thing and the logoff thing next to the stl (and yes they do function) and the Logic memory center is the run bar. If you want to know how to do this pm me or else ill post it if some one wants it. oh, and incase you are wondering where the start button went, every time I right click it has like the same thing... oh, and this set up uses less system resources, especially cpu threads and about 10-20 less ram megs, and under the desk top folder in your windows drive there is a shortcut that you click on to tell it to default to explorer.exe, and another one for this and the right click change theme, but i thought this was most fitting as you can be rated a hal 9000.


Try and one up this desktop, and yes it does support transperincy and no i dont like vista, i had it, and i was over that as soon as i started using the beta.



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My desktop before I had the Dell with OSx86.


That desktop, specs are

AMD sempron 2200+ Oced 1.67 ghz

512 ddr 333mhz

Sony 16x DVD ROM

Sound Blaster Live!24 bit

ATI Radeon 9000 128 mb

Western digital 80 gb 7200 rpm

Western digital 40 gb 5400 rpm


I miss it, because I found a way to play Quake 4 on it with no sacrafices in quality, or anything. =[ And Prey...

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