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  1. homer007

    {Library} VoodooHDA PinConfig

    Here are my codec dumps of ALC883, i have got acer aspire 5672 laptop and using the latest voodoohda 2.7.2 from http://voodoohda.googlecode.com/ can u please patch the latest voodoohda kext for me? dump.txt dumpext.txt
  2. homer007

    Acer Aspire 5672 DSDT.aml

    thanks for the dsdt m8 made any new changes to the dsdt like mac address, vanilla sound etc?
  3. after compiling the dsdt i get 3 errors: /Users/haani/Desktop/dsdt.dsl 1192: 0x00000000, // Length Error 4122 - ^ Invalid combination of Length and Min/Max fixed flags /Users/haani/Desktop/dsdt.dsl 2488: Return (Package (0x02) Error 4080 - Invalid object type for reserved name ^ (found PACKAGE, requires Integer) /Users/haani/Desktop/dsdt.dsl 7327: DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Error 4064 - Object does not exist ^ (DTGP) dsdt.dsl.txt
  4. heres my dump from the latest driver with a skewed mouse pointer! RadeonDump.txt
  5. here my dump to investigate for random crashes!!! RadeonDump.txt
  6. thanks m8 works just fine got my true resolution 1280x800 finally for the first time on osx86!!! just for this i installed osx86 on my acer aspire 5670 after one year!!! and it works just fine without any modifications!!!
  7. homer007

    [BOOT-132] Legacy AppleHDA

    yes it does thankyou so much i had to edit AppleHDAController.kext to add new configdata and change CodecID from 283904133 to 283904131 at Address 0. proof: Edit: just one question can i not enable mic out aswell and have the internal mic option?
  8. homer007

    [BOOT-132] Legacy AppleHDA

    thanks do i just use kext helper and put these three kext in extensions folder?
  9. homer007

    USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    iphone in DFU mode doesn't work wid this one!! slice you thing you can patch that up?
  10. homer007

    [BOOT-132] Legacy AppleHDA

    hey tmongkol heres my codec dump could you make one for me please got ALC 883 on acer aspire 5672 laptop dump.txt
  11. homer007

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    edited with my mac address and it loads fine showing my correct mac address thankyou so much!! proof
  12. homer007

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    hi Boombeng could please make one for 14e4 169d with the ability to add mac address to it please?
  13. is it possible if you can support for Texas Instruments PCIxx12 card reader dev id 104c 803b?
  14. i am having this problem does anyone know how to over come that!! then after that it says still waiting for root device!!
  15. homer007

    How not to read text messages?

    lol same here UK!!! they get charged for receiving phone calls as well ridicules!!!