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  1. The Great Driver Hunt

    No, because Steve Jobs no longer is in the labs, coding software anymore. Apple probably would have donated it, if anything.
  2. Apple just release Firmware Restore/Update 1.0

    Most of the process is unattended too, so you can just leave it going nearby and get a sandwich or take a nap.
  3. Invalid Extent entry on Boot Camp Mac Partition

    Just wipe it. If you're having errors that bad, you're going to have to. Install the MacDrive trial, get all the files you need, burn a DVD of them or back up to another hard drive, then wipe.
  4. Games Anyone?

    It's what I'm using, and I'm still getting 50 to 60FPS in HL2 with settings completely maxed. The 1.83 is perfect, and even at a stock 512MB of RAM, a better preformer than the desktop listed in my sig. I rarely get below 50FPS in any game on the MBP with this configuration; it's nearly perfect.
  5. Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    I have neither the DVD for the game (CD Version); nor a general will to use it. I might as well just install it fully rather than just making a virtual disc out of it.
  6. MacDrive 6 and partitions

    Funny, because I can see mine, and I'm playing music off it right now through iTunes on my XP partition.
  7. MBP Keyboard with BootCamp

    You don't need a driver, dude. It was included on the Boot Camp driver CD. If you don't have it, you fucked up somewhere.
  8. Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    My windows partition just randomly died. It's unbootable now, and chkdsk reports that "The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems". Sucks because I just installed 20GB of games. That's alright though; I just bumped the partition up another 5GB to allow for at least one more game. I'm thinking about adding World of Warcraft to the list of: Half Life 2 Counter Strike Source Oblivion F E A R Natural Selection Silent Hill 3 Silent Hill 4: The Room Also, word to the wise: Avoid P2P software unless you have a suitible antivirus suite and spyware program. I believe this was part of my downfall the first time; I had put LimeWire and Bearshare on before my protection schemes.
  9. Games Anyone?

    Oblivion is running at about 30fps at max settings. HDR, everything. It's quite nice. I'll do F E A R soon as well.
  10. Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    OH WHOA! They remapped it for us! That's so awesome! EXCELLENT find!
  11. Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    I need a little help. I can get Volume/Brightness toggle bound to my keys, correct? I'm on an MBP.
  12. Bootcamp: Technical Discussion

    PeteUD, none at all. Just wipe and you're fine.
  13. built-in speakers and microphone on XP?

    Dunno about your speakers, but mine work on my MacBook.
  14. Games Anyone?

    Just tabbed out of HL2. Doom 3 is fine as well. Silent Hill 4 and Oblivion tomorrow.
  15. NEW intel mini firmware

    It beeped on my MacBook too. Then it proceeded to to the flash. Keep the power button held for the right amoutn of time.