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  1. zhLilDoggi

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    Firefox 3 is looking very promising...beta 5 is so far the fastest Firefox version I have ever used..
  2. zhLilDoggi

    My desktop

    iz dat sum Windows?
  3. zhLilDoggi

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    My B&W Power Macintosh G3 --
  4. zhLilDoggi


    That'll work perfectly..nice setup your client has there.
  5. zhLilDoggi

    Whats does your desktop look like?

    Holy S**t.. My thread from '05 is still going? O_o Anyways..
  6. Looks like the moron ripped his pants...whoops, did I say moron? I'd better run and hide or they're gonna come seize my computer(s)!
  7. Yes and no for me.
  8. I've read that a long time ago P-P-P-POWERBOOK!
  9. zhLilDoggi

    Christmas Lights

    Heh, seen it on StupidVideos.com.
  10. zhLilDoggi

    Vista is a "BETA"

    I was waiting for this topic. I mean, c'mon people, your bashing the OS when its in the freaking beta stage!
  11. Calm down with the flaming, this is your 2nd warning.
  12. zhLilDoggi


    Well, theres a new topic every 5 mins, everybody can't get to all of them at one time!
  13. zhLilDoggi

    Read This To Not Get Warned

    Bumped because some people can't get the picture. >_