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  1. What loss? Current Mac users aren't likely to buy PCs. Apple isn't just about the OS.
  2. Lets see here, boot camp+EFI firmware with BIOS emulation+965 chipset+core 2+WWDC. Makes a person wonder. I have a feeling Steve will be having Michael Dell jump through hoops on stage in august. They don't have to trade anything and all the PC makers would have to trade is a few relics like windows, BIOS, and legacy tech.
  3. Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

    Bill Gates is a master of taking other people's ideas and making money off of them. Steve Jobs is the master of innovation, but is excentric to say the least. He can't think past his own ideas and fully expects people to come to him. If we could only combine bill's business sense with Steve's innovation sense.
  4. iMac: Windows Edition

    What, no blue screen of death?
  5. Unofficial Sticker

    Those are great man.
  6. MacBook On Its Way?

    They want Mac in the name of all the computers now.
  7. Apple's EFI choice

    Apple chose EFI because it's willing to take steps forward to make the best computer. Microsoft and the PC industry are willing to what's easist to make a buck.
  8. New Background

    It's very good...except for that windows emblem.
  9. Unusually low Xbench scores?

    xbench itself is subpar.
  10. How do you "close" a program

    CMD(Apple)-option-esc is the mac equivalent to ctrl-alt-delete
  11. Stability of OS X

    On supported hardware, I've had one crash in five years.
  12. Will apple use SLI?

    No, Apple will not. The gamer crowd is not their target audience.
  13. GMA950 Graphics, no included consumer word processor, and its more expensive. I am not exactly impressed.
  14. Direct X ......

    No there wouldn't. DX to OGL conversions are done all the time.