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The Best Mac Sites (What do you like?)

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Tell us your favorite Mac news and opinion sites and how often you check/read them!


Macbytes: Twice a week

ArsTechnica: RSS


MacWorld: Once a week

iLounge: RSS

OSx86 Project: Several times an hour :)

AppleMatters: Once a week

AppleInsider: Every other day

ThinkSecret: Twice a week

MacRumors: Once a week


Also, what are the best designed Mac sites? Let us know what you like and what you don't like in a Mac site - your suggestions may get incorporated into our site!

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http://www.mac-forums.com/ everyday


http://www.mac-nn.com/ everyday


http://www.insanelymac.com/ (osx86), everyday


usually ill browse google for interesting mac hacks and mods and stuff and i come across a site ill look at every once in a while.. but i never remember them.

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www.hardmac.com is my favorite... I also look at Thinksecret and MacRumors once or twice a week. And of course OSx86Project :)


Yeah !!! macbidouille.com POWER... (well for U it's hardmac.com)





macadsl.com (french but good info)



And recently compared to the others

OsX86project //insanelymac.

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winsupersite.com It was funny to read when Vista and soon Windows 7 sucked/will suck :offtopic:


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All of these are permenant fixtures on XP/Vista safari and Mac OS X Safari:

MacRumors.com 4 times a day.

9to5mac.com once a day

thinksecret.com once a week

applematters.com once a day

insanelymac.com a wallpaper on XP and more times a day than i care to count.

OSx86project.org (Wiki) once a week

apple.com/uk once/twice a day

macosrumors.com once a day

macosxrumors.com twice a day

macosxhints.com once a week

One more thing....



Yup, thats all of them.

bit of an Apple fan to say the least...


Think Mark

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