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  1. MacPro with PC graphics card

    I've read that the newest mac pros don't need GPU reflashing, only need to adapt the power supply cables to feed the card :/
  2. Problema installazione World of Warcraft

    That's because the installer is PPC and there's some problem with your rosetta (PPC emulation) probably related to the AMD CPU. sorry for the english response ^^U but hope it helps you to search for a fix
  3. Bonjour not working

    So no one has any idea about how to diagnose this? well I'll try apple forums
  4. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    Could this help me getting my USB ports working correctly? I've tested orByte's and didn't change anything. I'm having trouble with external disks (and my iPod too) disconnecting suddenly. I currently use a USB mouse, keyboard and headset. They work correctly most of the time but sometimes I need to reboot a few times in order to get them recognised. external drives are no-go.
  5. Bonjour not working

    Hello, I've recently re-installed my OS due to some problems I thought I had (I discovered that they were hardware problems T_T) and now, network services discovery (bonjour) doesn't work. I can't connect to shared iTunes libraries and I have to specify IPs to be able to mount shared folders. I think that this is related to the way I installed, as I had no installation disk near, I copied my macbook's partition to my hackintosh (Vanilla capable) drive. when I first booted, I was able to see the old macbook ethernet and wireless card (not present but shown in the network panel) so I deleted them. And my hackintosh ethernet shown as eth2. Can anyone help me diagnosing and fixing this problem? I need to access my music from this computer!
  6. What's your job?

    I work at Apple, for their legal dept. Gathering info for C&D letters :3 ... well I'm just a sw developer.
  7. Temperatura a 86 grados centigrados

    hay procesadores para los que es normal, cierta familia de pentium IV por ejemplo :S pero yo de ti lo mandaria a la garantia, puede que le pase como a los primeros macbooks que tenian mal la pasta termica
  8. According to TUAW It seems that a copy of the Snow Leopard preview that's been presented during the WWDC has been leaked and that there's a website claiming it's possession here. The screenshots lack of any stunning new feature besides a few bundles in applications and utilities folders and a 'About this mac' but the site shows a ...currently a work in progress... warning that may indicate that more screenshots are on the way.
  9. Killbot

    So, we will soon see a real 'zerg rush'?
  10. Creativ Audigy 2 Driver?

    Besides USB ones, no creative cards work on teh hack
  11. Leo4Allv3

    Sorry to bother you if it's already asked: Are the theme customizations default (Folder icons, background)? Is there an option not to install them? If I use my EFI Strings to load video and sound, could I update the system (For example to 10.5.3) without having to backup extensions update and restore ? Thanks a lot.
  12. Is it legal ?

    Also the License doesn't specify what 'Apple Hardware' implies, if it's the motherboard, a full computer or the hard drive for example. As it is now, you could think that you have installed OSX on 'Apple Hardware' because your root drive is an iPod xD.
  13. First, you don't need a server version to share files, server versions aren't meant for home use. Second, use the search tool if you insist on installing a server version there are tons of topics covering this already
  14. I modded my rEFIt

    I changed the background but then I stopped using windows and deleted rEFIt xD
  15. Free Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

    damn old, MS is doing this since VS 2005.