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  1. Jash Sayani

    SSH with Automator

    Hi, I have been using a Mac since 2 years and now I think its time to use Automator to be productive... I need it to do the following: - When I drag and drop a folder, it should read all file names in the folder - Execute the following commands ssh user@server.com Password upload-engine file1.txt upload-engine file2.txt upload-engine file3.txt Till all files have been uploaded... How do I do this?? Note: upload-engine is a terminal command on the server that does a specific task with the file, so I have to use that command, not just upload.
  2. Jash Sayani

    Help with iChat?

    iChat is not a service, it is an IM client with multi-protocol support. You can add multiple services by going to Preferences and Accounts.
  3. Will this work?: http://lifehacker.com/5360150/install-snow...acking-required
  4. Thanks! Will try it out on my AO150 which has Leopard 10.5.5
  5. Jash Sayani

    Internet Sharing via Bluetooth

    I have a Mac mini and a Hackintosh with Leopard and working bluetooth. I want to configure Internet sharing via Bluetooth on my Mac mini and access it via the Hackintosh. How do I configure Internet sharing via Bluetooth and access it on the hackintosh ?
  6. Working WiFi (Default stock Atheros card) http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=40317 Another solution: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=100675
  7. I need the Battery manager. But I keep getting the index.php file when I try to download the file. Can anyone upload the latest beta on rapidshare? Thanks.
  8. Jash Sayani

    Acer aspire one - WiFi fix ?

    Anyone ??
  9. I installed the kext, repaired the permissions and rebooted. But still I don't have the battery meter! Secondly, I would also like to reduce the speed of the touchpad. Its very fast compared to performance in Windows. Thanks.
  10. Jash Sayani

    Using Terminal from Install DVD

  11. Jash Sayani

    Using Terminal from Install DVD

    I cannot mount partition from Terminal in Install DVD as it says: -bash-3.2# Unknown special file or file system How do I mount the drive ?
  12. I have to replace some kext files on the HD as Leopard is not starting after modifying kexts. I need to access the Leopard partition using Terminal on the Kalyway Install DVD. "ls" shows only the files on the DVD. How do I access the HD ?
  13. Jash Sayani

    Leopard on Acer aspire one netbook

    Thanks everyone for the help. I followed this tutorial: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=129774 And here I have a perfect Hackintosh: Now, I just need to get WiFi working and a battery meter....
  14. Jash Sayani

    Kalyway Migration assistant Loop

    Thanks !
  15. Jash Sayani

    Acer aspire one - WiFi fix ?

    I have Leopard on the Acer aspire one and need WiFi. I can't get another card off eBay and have to get the stock card working. Any patch/kext available ? Or a third party app that helps in using WiFi ? Please let me know. Thanks.