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  1. Markandeya

    Installing Mac Os X

    you can use pirate bay and azureus
  2. Markandeya

    Installing Mac Os X

    I don't think the earlier version then 10.4.7 is supporting sata but here how I did with my sata(it was version 10.4.7). I put one hd just to trick mac with the same cable dvdrom. Then I chose sata hd after it started. Worth a try.
  3. Markandeya

    Your favorite *nix GUI

    http://www.kde-look.org/index.php?xcontent...x12x13x14x15x16 This just for kde but it has huge recourse in it.
  4. Markandeya

    Installing Mac Os X

    It is looking for the root device. It is possible that it is the same problem I had it. You should connect your harddrive and dvdrom from the same cable. It worked for me. If this doesn't work lets check again.
  5. Markandeya

    Ubuntu does not detect display

    It's been long time but if you can post your xorg.conf file here may be I can help
  6. Markandeya

    Your favorite *nix GUI

    Where is enlightenment17. It was my chose on my debian. This screenshot from my old debian(dualmonitor). I am using mac os x now
  7. Markandeya

    Installing Mac Os X

    Two min. ago I saw the similar topic. I am going to give you the same advice Macgirl gave it. Start with -v and lets see what is the problem. To go to the boot menu press F8.
  8. Markandeya

    OSX eated up one of my partition

    I know the long way. Let me try do remember the short way. Go to start -> control panel -> administrative tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management lets say take a screen shot and post it here so we can see what you really done. long way is easier for me, boot with live linux cd and in the terminal write fdisk -l and post them here. Other think os x doesn't boot you said. Can you post any error message. When you get the boot menu try starting with -v and lets see what is wrong.
  9. Markandeya

    DO YOU HATE your PC ? (non APPLE)

    I have to program symbian software and I couldn't manage to do in my macbook. This is the lecture I am taking at the uni for this semester after that I will loss windows again and I hope I don't have to use third party program that dosn't work on os x. For other things there is always Mac os x.
  10. I've found this side,it may help to you as well. http://www.kernelthread.com/mac/osx/tools.html
  11. Markandeya

    Apple's New Japanese Get a Mac ad.

    This one is the best Mac Ad
  12. Markandeya


    @Dicenet I am filing so stupid right now. How did you solve those?
  13. Markandeya

    Favourite Soft Drink/Food

    Iskender kebap from Turkey
  14. I've already open a topic in leopard section because I am using leopard but maybe it would be more appropriate to ask my question here as the program network related. Link is here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=41836 Thanks.
  15. Markandeya

    NS-2 nam compile problem

    I don't know if this is the right place but I am having difficulty to compile nam program in the NS-2 network simulator. ./configure option works fine but when I do make it gives me error which I couldn't find solution for it. Here is the out put. Ok so far I fix some problem. It was not seeing the zlib file. Changing the configure --with-zlib=destination fix that but I still have problem...