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  1. this one!!! now gimme some Kool-Aid and Cookies!!!
  2. My nearly finished Hack the Tosh

    Looks damn good... do your thing man!!
  3. The Ultimate Web Browser

    FireFox 3 for obvious reasons... nothing compares, oh and the plugins available on customizations available are endless. besure to add the plugins TabMix Plus SEOFire RoboForm TamperData
  4. Software Piracy

    I can't see paying a huge amount for some software to sit around and never get used, or get used just a couple of times. If it's something I plan to use commercially or on a real serious basis and it's actually capable of doing all I need it to do, then I have no problem paying for it.
  5. Is leopard a real 64bit OS?

    thanks... answered some questions on that one. ;-p
  6. Ipod touch 2G jailbreak

    lol... but isn't {censored} flamable? ;-/
  7. How can Apple make gaming better?

    there gaming is fine in my opinion...
  8. Far Cry 2 Cider Porting

    what? lol.
  9. Fallout 3 using Oblivion's Cider

    Damn... I was just reading about someone whom made a utility that works on a lot of games, those mentioned here were on the list. It was like 2 weeks ago, so I'll be back with the link if I find it again. Stumbled across it on accident.
  10. IPhone doesn't support Flash player ?

    Seems most mobile devices don't support flash... not even the newer phones.
  11. XP booting up in 8 sec

    You can setup your own version of Windows and strip out all the {censored} you don't use to make it do this. I have a gaming PC specifically for games and nothing else... high ghz, high ram, good vid card, good sound card, SCSI HD, that's all. I actually set it up with a boot menu so when it first comes up I can pick the game, go take a leak, and come back to clicking start game.
  12. Microsoft LifeCam VX6000

    If it comes from SourceForge then it's good probably... anything OpenSource tends to work better overall... at least in my experiences. Mainly because people can mod them the way needed without having to depend on the company to half-butt do something.
  13. MacBook Screen Scratches

    hmm... looks interesting... i might test that myself
  14. Best Webcam?

    It all really depends on your matching hardware I believe.
  15. DO NOT BUY invisible shield

    All I can do is co-sign... ya'll have already said everything that needs to be said, lol.