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  1. UrbanTechGuerrilla

    [solved] Cannot use Firewire for Camcorders or external HDD's

    Sorted, I just needed the Firewire kexts from an earlier MAC OS X version. For anyone else who ends up in the same situation as me, click here for the solution. Once you've downloaded the kexts, use OSx86 to install them. Re-start and you're in business.
  2. UrbanTechGuerrilla

    Howto: kexts from 10.4.9 (without a 10.4.9 ISO)

    I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to thank the people who posted the kexts, they've worked perfectly for me and helped solve a problem which I'd been trying to work my way through. A bit of time, effort and patience brought me here and now I can use my Firewire port! Thanks a lot.
  3. I've installed iATKOS V7 on my Dell Vostro 1510 laptop and I'm at 85% functionality, which is amazing. After nearly a week, I'm still shocked at how much faster my machine is now than the past 12 months under Vista/XP! The one major problem I have is with Firewire. System Profiler reports the internal (4pin) port as detected and the bus running at 400 mb/sec. However, when I connect my MiniDV camcorder it's not recognised. Similarly, when I attach my USB/Firewire HDD enclosure, the drive doesn't spin up in preparation for read/write activity as it's supposed to. Nor do the partitions appear on the desktop and the drive light just stays on permanently. Although System Profiler does recognise the enclosure as connected on the Firewire bus. Through a process of elimination I concluded that the problem lies within iATKOS and not my laptop or the other equipment because both the HDD enclosure and camcorder work perfectly when used with the Firewire ports on my Sawtooth G4 dual booting Tiger & Panther. When I ran the laptop with Vista it also had no issues with the HDD enclosure through Firewire and was also able to see and control the camcorder. I have searched Google and several forums but didn't come up with anything matching my situation, has anyone else encountered this or can offer any suggestions on how to resolve it? Did I select the wrong option(s) during installation? I'd really appreciate any help you can offer.
  4. http://www.lowendmac.com/ <<< has to be... Brilliant Mac resource.
  5. UrbanTechGuerrilla

    Why Ubuntu

    After discovering Linux, I tried various distros including Fedora, Knoppix, Mint etc and then settled on Xubuntu, the minimal version designed for less powerful computers, which I used for two years on my x86 laptop before changing machines and going over to Vista... The reasons I chose the Ubuntu distros were because of recommendations by Linux veterans that it would be a good introduction. After experimenting with the others, I returned to the Ubuntu family because it was the easiest to use out of those that I'd dabbled with and worked to a degree that enabled me to get my work done. If I ever returned to the Linux world (which I doubt), my main two choices for a distro would be tied between Mint & Ubuntu.
  6. UrbanTechGuerrilla

    Software Piracy

    Piracy, that ever contentious topic. In all honesty I can admit that I've used pirated software (and still do on occasion, ahem). Though increasingly I've moved towards finding free alternatives and I and have purchased legal copies of programs, because to me, something that's worth using deserves to be paid for. Irrespective of whether a multi-national giant is involved or not. If it fulfils your needs, pay up. The irony is that software piracy has propelled the sales of machines throughout modern computing. Without piracy, I doubt we'd have the proliferation of IT that we see now. Back in the late 80s, early 90s my school-friends would convince me to upgrade from my 6502/Z80 hardware to the 68000 based computers that were popular in Europe because they'd be able to supply me with a massive resource of software for the price of a floppy. 99% of my involvement in software piracy today stems from people around me asking for assistance in obtaining copies, I rarely do it for myself, due to the reasons stated earlier. Everyone has been party to or overheard a conversation where a new or prospective computer owner is assured that they'll be provided with "the essentials" to get them going. I even remember seeing someone who worked in a crime prevention capacity for Scotland Yard offering a newbie an entire suite of pirated stuff! Though I don't believe piracy is a necessary evil because there's so many free or even shareware choices that you can select instead. For example, If you take the Linux route, everything from the OS right down to the word processor is provided without charge. Which is why it's dismaying when I repeatedly show people Open Source alternatives for expensive Win/Mac applications and explain that they'll do the same task, only for them to insist that they'd rather go through the hassle of reading through pages of product-key's, take serious risks with key-gen's or enlist me to find a cracked copy.
  7. UrbanTechGuerrilla

    The high price of Apple computers

    They tried that during the 1990s, under Michael Spindler and nearly went bankrupt.
  8. UrbanTechGuerrilla

    TPB lost in court

    Exactly, although I'm a firm believer of "if it's worth using/enjoying, then it's worth paying for", at the same time, piracy has ironically helped sell machines across the decades. Despite all the efforts with WGA, Microsoft profits ten-fold from piracy and has even bragged about it for years. You know why? It means even if they "lose" a sale on the product, their user base increases because their rivals don't even get a look-in as people have consciously chosen to use an illegal copy of their software without even considering the alternatives. The amount of people I've come across who would rather wade through pages of product-key's or risk trojan infested key-gen's to run MS Office instead of simply using Open Office for free, even after explaining that it will do the same job shows you that it's a battle against an immortal Hydra. You can decapitate one, two, maybe three heads - but many more will emerge to take their place and I think the same goes for TPB, regardless of any litigation. I do think TPB is unfairly targeted though. If you think about it, the torrents they list are small fry compared to the mass volume of piracy emanating from China but yet the MPAA and all the others aren't seriously going after them, are they? Speaking of TPB, check out the news in this link. Seems like their battles will rage on and on...