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  1. Beldar

    dv6358se wifi

    I also have a DV6 series and also everthing for me works except wireless. Even ethernet works, im posting from it now. Anyone have a fix for this?
  2. Beldar

    Need help connecting to the internet

    Just register a real Apple copy? I must get one to thank apple for their good work. Should I go on ahead and send in my registration with maybe maybe not fake information? I have everthing working now except for wireless. I'll restore my Vista partition when I decide to actually use it... I already got a PC
  3. I am using iDeneb V1.3 10.5.5. Install went perfect, boots into Leopard fine. My laptop is an HP Pavillion DV6500T Intel C2D T7250 2.0GHZ 4GB RAM 8400GS 128MB 140GB HD First problem, I can not boot into my Vista partition. It says NTDLR is missing, press CTRL ALT DEL to restart. Im not too worried about this, I installed iDeneb over my Windows 7 partition; both had nothing important on them as I have only had the laptop a couple weeks. How can I get back into Vista? EDIT: Fixed the audio, just need to get wireless working Network Controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG
  4. Beldar

    why should i mac?

    I got my first new Mac a couple weeks ago. I've had older ones in the past, but a new Mac is so much more powerful. (obviously) First of all, OS X is definately more organized. It runs better than Windows, its more "smooth" and responsive. So what if it looks better, that should be a plus. And it doesn't rob your CPU and RAM like Vista Aero or any XP program(object dock/whatever). Besides, if you can still run Windows, what could it hurt? Im still a heavy PC gamer and I even got Vista Ultimate on my Macbook for games like UT2004(wasn't gonna re-buy the Mac versions). They both have their ups and downs, mainly being you can't run PC games on a Mac and Windows is proned to Viruses and such; but everything else its just as good. Otherwise I would have sold my desktop and bought a new iMac.
  5. My Macbook I got a few days ago, running Vista Ultimate and Leopard. Been thinking about putting Leopard on my Desktop.
  6. Beldar

    Most addictive Mac games

    I play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Its about the only free multiplayer game that runs on my PowerMac.
  7. Beldar

    Apple Wallpaper

    Awesome! I like it alot, but I can't use it because I don't have a widescreen monitor. The only person I know with one uses Linux.
  8. I is be 16 [/thread] j/k, im learning Photoshop too. Maybe when I get bored i'll finally make a site so I can share them all.
  9. My iBook does it. My guess would be that its checking for bootable CDs.
  10. Beldar

    Submerge Your PC In Vegetable Oil

    Why don't any of the parts short out? I figured any liquid would do it, whether its thick or like water.
  11. Heres one I just made. Im still learning photoshop, but I made this one by myself. OSX 86 And for the true Mac folks like me Yes, I run Photoshop CS on my 500MHZ iBook. lol
  12. I wouldnt know about tiger. I have a 500MHZ G3 iBook with 256MB RAM and it runs Panther OK. If I have iTunes, Mozilla, and Adium open at the same time it slows down. But if its just a couple things its fine. Just go with Panther, Tiger would probably be too slow on those specs.
  13. Where are you getting the icons(like the BlackBook and MacBook Pro)? All the icons I can find suck, id like a high quality iBook icon for mine.
  14. http://www.mac-forums.com/ everyday http://www.mac-nn.com/ everyday http://www.insanelymac.com/ (osx86), everyday usually ill browse google for interesting mac hacks and mods and stuff and i come across a site ill look at every once in a while.. but i never remember them.
  15. Beldar

    Why doesn't OS X have a CD-key?

    I was surprised when I found out they didn't have CD Keys. I got my iBook G3, and needed to reinstall OSX. So the guy that got me the iBook said he mailed out the CDs, but they were copies, but that there wasn't a CD key. He had used those CDs to install OSX on all his Macs, including his kid's macs. Of course, now he uses Tiger, but I like Panther quite fine, and i'll continue to use my copied OS CD. lol