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    Aikido, Music, Drawing and Mac :)
  1. I'll check the page thanks. And I used google, I am not stupid if I could find it via google I wouldn't have started this topic.
  2. How do i open exe files

    I use CrossOver for games and it works like a charm!
  3. I had this problem and couldn't have used. :S
  4. MacPro

    yeah lol why would we?
  5. Eight-Core Xeon Out Next Month

    Holy s***!!! Wow it would be like 3500$ lol Wow I'd only use 1 quadcore and maybe cannot? who needs 8 quad cores?
  6. Hackintosh Hackers Group on LinkedIn

    Liked the Finder icon.
  7. login failure?

    I use Safari 4 Beta and even with v3 I could. Guess that isn't like that for all users.
  8. Serious Problem Created By Apple Software Update

    Okay it's not easy for you to do that on Software Update... Even some macbook and pros had difficulties and brunt their motherboard. Anyways you should have used the installer application and then do something with terminal just search the forum.
  9. Clone hard disk?

    I used SuperDuper. And it works really good!
  10. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Need to know how to put iTunes thing on Finder Could u tell me?
  11. 2 GB Ram possible?

    Desperate times, makes people look like a fool. And it was early in the morning for me and i hadn't had a coffee
  12. the laptop in the pic I thought it was a iBook G4, u bought a nice notebook with nice case
  13. Hahaha MacGirl this is brilliant.. and funny I never thought we'd get out fingertips to login on mac os x too
  14. Apple Red theme release

    Blimey! It's gorgeous