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[Pre-Release] macOS Big Sur 11.1

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Could someone test if the RAM usage problem still exists on Beta 11.1 or not in Safari? 

Here, a video of it. I could reproduce this even on real Macs, issue has been reported to Apple.



1. Open a preferably 1080p video (from any site except YouTube, it’s not working on every site)
2. Open a new tab, with any site (doesn’t matter, for example apple.com)
3. Start the video, watch the RAM usage of “kernel_task”. As you can see it’s normal.
3. Now pause the video and go to the other opened tab
4. Go back to the video and unpause it
5. Watch the RAM usage, it’s going really high, taking up all of the RAM (2x8 GB DDR4 2133 MHz), swap too. 
6. It’s going back to normal after a reload.

System becomes unresponsive, have to quit and reopen the site.


On an original iMac, Safari says “This webpage is using significant memory.” Then it force-reloading every time.


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13 hours ago, eSaF said:

Still poking around to see what changes are in this latest BS 11.1 Beta (20C5048k) and found this.


Interesting.... I prevent the mounting of my windows disk, so never noticed. Now I wonder....with OC, can you actually select the windows as a startup disk? I see no value when using OC. I do realize it's there because.....

Now I discovered another dev beta (20C5048l) as you can see below, and nothing in the Developer Seed Program, again...


I didn't download it, it's painful slow...


Captura de ecrã 2020-11-20, às 20.53.04.png

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@Shaneee - Like I said I have updated but I am not sure of the benefits if any at all from the previous. Normally I would look in the 'Feedback Assistant' to see the reported changes or fixes but as you can see from the attached the date of the 'Beta Released Report' is from the last Beta somewhat leaving in the dark as what is different in this latest Beta release.




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