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  1. eSaF

    So what happened to the plane?

    Device obviously stolen from the Klingons, last that was heard, Saavik was screaming -'Jolvoy - Meh'!!!!!!!!!
  2. Light grey over blue, pink over what ever I'm just glad the site is back, bigger and bolder than ever. Really missed my daily fix, welcome back and well done guys!!!!
  3. The best and safest place is the Apple App Store, don't put too much trust in third party sites - there is a fix to combat this - 'App store won't allow me to download more than the small 19 MB version' can't quite call to mind but hopefully another member will come to your aid. Good luck.
  4. Fantastic guide, definitely given me the incentive to retire my old GA-Z87X- OC FORCE - this guide will prove invaluable, thank you sir and well done.
  5. eSaF

    GT610 on macOS High Sierra

    GTX 750 Ti works quite well as long as the latest Lilu.kext and NvidiaGraphicsFixUp.Kext is in the 'Other' folder on the EFI partition, that is how my rig is running.
  6. I am no expert on the subject but looking at your readout, I'll guess your card is not supported or is not recognised by OS X. For Continuity to work, Handoff and Instant Hot Spot must be supported. Good luck.
  7. I am a huge fan already and can't wait for the final release - Good luck and looking forward to all future updates
  8. Ok - but I am sure in another thread he recommends compiling your own DSDT and SSDT oppose to using a pre built one found on the net as every system has its own quirky characteristics which makes sense. Maybe if he or anyone else see this thread they will chip in on that thought. I really hope you get the problem sorted - Good luck.
  9. Like I said, my board has the same chipset Z87 and the official release is Fb10b - not a beta, maybe different for your board, don't know without checking. Reading through your last post could explain your problem if you have a corrupt or conflicting entries in your config.plist.
  10. Ok - my board is the GA-Z87X-OC FORCE (same chipset as yours) and the newest/latest BIOS is F10b. Now I don't know if there would be a difference for your board but it's worth checking out on Gigabyte's official website. Running an SSDT solely hmmmm without a DSDT, strange - maybe try removing the SSDT and let the system run it's Generic DSDT and SSDT and see what happens until you can generate proper ones to get a stable running system.
  11. That is quite an unusual problem you're having, although I cannot exactly suggest an insight to what is going on with your setup, all I can say is I have have the same chipset board and exactly the same graphics card as your rig and don't experience the problem you're having, with or without APFS. I suggest check your DSDT and SSDT, although Clover Configurator offers a quick DSDT injection solution (if that is the method you used) its is always best to 'vanilla' generate these within and from your system. Another factor could be the board it self, worst case scenario insure you are running the latest BIOS update, mine is at 10b, I think that was the last update as these boards are quite dated now compared to the latest ones available. There could be multiple reasons why but check the simple and easy solutions first before delving into the too technical - good luck.
  12. Just made a test disk using this app to install macOS 10.13.1 - So far not a bad little app, quite a smooth and understandable transition step by step. A coupling with Clover would definitely make it a 100% must have app for newbies venturing into Hackintosh installation. Well done Sir, looking forward to future developement.