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  1. Yes Sir Mr. Pavo thanks for the link!!!!
  2. Say it loud and clear Mr MaLd0n - Civility is the key
  3. I'm using iMac 17.1 with no integrated graphics but a RX580 card and can watch all DRM material as well as stream all Apple TV+ Services - Are you able to stream Apple TV? The reason I ask although some can play DRM movies, they are unable to stream Apple TV, looking at your Task Bar I see no Apple TV icon, doesn't say much I know I'm just curious. Edit: - Ok my mistake I see the AppleTV icon, I think the reason Netflix is troublesome is because Silverlight plugin is need and it is not compatible with the latest Safari browser whereas Chrome is.
  4. Yes it will work, I used it on my pro wifi.
  5. eSaF

    GFX that Supports DRM?

    The 3rd system in my profile is where I am abled to play DRM movies in iTune and stream Apple TV services, this system was heavily configured with the help of Glasgood, AudioGod and MaLdon. The 2nd system in my profile is also able to play DRM material but I never tried streaming services, this was configured with trial and error plus running a lengthy script that was floating around the web in a tutorial a few years back.
  6. eSaF

    GFX that Supports DRM?

    Not quite true, as Herve says having the latest versions of Lilu + WEG kexts and a little tinkering should enable the ability to play DRM Movies and Stream Apple TV. There is an old tutorial that's been around for a while how to enable DRM on a Hack, may still work on Catalina but mine worked right away. On my hack I can play all my purchased iTune movies and currently I am watching 'The Morning Show' with Jenifer Aniston (cause I got the hots for her ). I don't know about Netflix though as I don't subscribe to the service.
  7. eSaF

    Advice on Cloning System

    As long as the Disk with OS X installation is the first boot disk listed in the BIOS, Clover will see both OS X and Windows in the boot menu giving you the ability to choose which ever OS to boot into. Hope this helps.
  8. eSaF

    Advice on Cloning System

    Although it's doable and works pretty well, I would definately put each OS on separate disks to save a world of potential pain and frustration down the road caused by data corruption of each or both being on the same disk. Some pundits may disagree with me but IMHO, running Windows and OS X on separate disks will be far easier to manage with future updates to minimise cross data corruption. As it stands now, I would use CCC to clone OS X to a ssd disk making sure it is bootable then wipe OS X from the other disk and reclaim that part of the partition for Windows, don't worry Clover will be able to boot both operating systems. Whatever path you choose to take Good luck. There are loads of tutorials on the subject and method.
  9. eSaF

    [Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.1

    Hey I didn't even noticed but you're right
  10. eSaF

    [Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.1

    Couple of reboots and done!
  11. eSaF

    Clover General discussion

    Very nice - a long time admirer of your work, any chance of sharing?
  12. Have you another OS such as Windows on a separate disk in the system if so disconnect that disk and try again. Good luck.
  13. eSaF

    Can't reliably empty trash

    That was also a problem I had and the way I found around it was show all hidden files by pressing Command Key, Shift and the Full Stop Key together then empty the trash. If it does not empty right away, on reboot the Trash will be empty - A bit of a PITA but hopefully will be fixed in the coming releases. Hope it helps.
  14. eSaF

    [pre-release] macOS Catalina

    Unfortunately the patches (via Hackintool) that worked in Mojave does not work in Catalina, when applied it causes kp, but we must remember Catalina is still an early Beta so all hope is not lost
  15. eSaF

    OpenCore Discussion

    Ok thanks for the clarification but I am going to take baby steps to fully get the grasp before I start swopping around boot files. Thanks for the tip though for future 'How to Reference'. I have actually made a note of your Tip - Thanks.