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  1. Moviemakergr

    macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 (17E202) is out

    Security Update 2018-001
  2. Try a new installation. follow the instructions exactly with Intel option and make installation the nVidia drivers with Csr 0x03 do not forget to change the ig platform to 0x59120003 for both Gpu's
  3. Goodmorning read the guide here > https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/forums/topic/330677-successguide-glasgoods-high-sierra-coffeelake-asus-strix-z370-g-i7-8700-gtx1080ti-uhd/
  4. [Feedback] on Asus Hero and i7 8700k both card injected GTX 1050Ti and Intel 630 none prob with latest drivers and the folder kexts (attach) i have try and combination with RX 580 and Intel 630 too success. Fixes.zip
  5. Moviemakergr

    (pre-release) macOS High Sierra 10.13.5

    Give a try to H.265 if u want.
  6. Very nice work man.. i have a question please. i have two systems with High Sierra 10.13.3 The first one is a x99 system and all working just perfect. the other is Asus maximus X z370. on this system the nvidia has a small graphics lag i have try clean installation,i have try both gpu's (intel and nVidia) i have try only nVidia but the lag is the same.. when open a window i have a small delay.. My GPU is 1060 Asus strix any ideas about that ? Thanks.
  7. Moviemakergr

    ESP Mounter Pro

  8. Moviemakergr

    EFI Mounter

  9. Moviemakergr


  10. Moviemakergr

    Pandora's Box OS X installer

  11. Nvidia web drivers for supplemental update 387. under nVidia manager is Out.
  12. Moviemakergr

    macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 final is out!

    Must waiting combo update i m stuck on beta 5 without any update on appstore.