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---10.5 Colonels? I presume that is an real Apple Mac?


---Antoniya001...That's an unacceptable desktop.


---Dragon...may I ask what is Windows XP SP3? Are you're referring to Vista?




System specs

P5P800 SE


Pentium 4 640 2MB cache 800FSB SSE3

Geforce 6800GS AGP




i have the Nvidia beta 2 drivers installed, I have eithernet, sound, SATA, everything working, mic works, only thing is front channels and back channels on sound are reversed, but all 5.1 works if u noticed... i've been a member a loong time, but have no posts... its cuz i only just got a computer able to run OSX86 my previous machine was an Athalon XP 3000+, 1.5GB ram, A7N8X-E Deluxe, same videocard

Here's mine. Dell Dimension XPS Gen4.


It's actually a 3.73 GHz processor. Mac OS is the only thing I've ever had on this computer that actually SEES the fourth gigabyte of RAM. :)


No sound because of a Creative sound card. Neither Callisto nor Koverg want to cooperate with my Radeon X850XT PCI-E, so no QE, CI, or OpenGL. Also had to extensively edit a couple kext files to get my Broadcom 5721 (I think that's what it is...) working. I'm typing this from OSX.


Haven't really gotten around to customizing it yet. Been concentrating more on getting drivers for my video card. I might edit this with a cooler screenshot when I get around to it.


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