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    Now what if my copy of CS:S is on Steam? Do I need the dvd copy of the game for it to work?
  2. Continuing Done Mach Reboot (BSOD of Mac)

    Do a search on the forums for mach_kernel or Mach Reboot, there is plenty of information on that problem, that is why no one is helping you.
  3. Calling all NForce6 users!

    Update from my problem, I removed the Second 8800GTS from my computer, reinstalled 10.4.8, then removed all the ATI and Nvidia kexts, then I installed nforcemac's update and then restarted and then it finally booted to 10.4.9 with the 8800GTS working with CI/QE working. I used MikeInNs's nForce Ethernet driver to get the onboard ethernet working and now I just have to get the Sound enabled. Its been 2 days trying to get it to work and it was fun! Its so fast but I wish SATA works so I can get the speed that I really need! Oh it was poor investigation on my part to find out if all the kexts needed to be removed or it was the second card that was stopping me from booting into OSX. I'll add the second card right now and see what was really the problem.
  4. Calling all NForce6 users!

    well after doing a lot of reading on the forums, it seems that some people have the same problem but no one has a fix for it, I went and made sure the Device ID was 0193 for the three kext's, and I checked to see if MacDaveNF6Installer.dmg over wrote the loginwindow fix but it doesnt. After thinking about it something is going wrong with the display and it locks up at the loginwindow. So I deleted the NVDAResman.kext and it boots up fine into 10.4.9. I put the NVDAResman.kext back on and when looking at NVInject starting up under -v it shows that the card fails to start. Now I dont know if this matters or not but I have 2 EVGA 8800GTS's for SLI. Does it matter that I have both cards in when starting up 10.4.9 with NVInject installed? My Setup: Intel Core 2 Duo 6400 EVGA 680i Motherboard 2 EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB for SLI 4GB Ram
  5. Calling all NForce6 users!

    Well I fixed the Loginwindow.app problem by reinstalling OSX with the loginwindow fix that was on Jas DVD. Now when I went to install MacDaveNF6Installer.dmg, it installed fine and I rebooted. Now I get it freezing on the Loginwindow again. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  6. Calling all NForce6 users!

    Hey I just installed 10.4.8, the version that nforcemac recommends installing on the nForce 680. I went and installed it (installed fine) and now its freezing when it boots for the first time. I did a -v in the darwin bootloader and the last thing it says is Dec 1 11:23:35 localhost mDNSResponder: Adding browse domain local thats all it says but after looking 3 lines up and its just started the Login Window Application. Is that the Login Window freeze that you guys are talking about?
  7. Hey I'm trying to get 10.4.8 installed on a SATA drive using the EVGA nForce 680i motherboard. When I go and try to install it the drive doesnt show up. Anyone have ideas?
  8. About This Mac Screenshots

    This is mine, I got this up and running 2 days ago
  9. I used the driver on a 3114 and no luck. I even tried to change the Device ID to 3114 and still no luck, but it never locked my system up, it just started fine.... damn
  10. When I said I got the Ethernet working I ment the Broadcom Built In NIC on my laptop not the wireless. As of right now there isn't a working driver for the Intel 2915 ABG Wireless Card. There is actually a driver in development and here is the site http://osx-ipw2200.blogspot.com/ To get the wireless working in my laptop I went on ebay and bought the TrueMobile 1470 Wireless Mini-PCI card for my laptop for only $30. I didn't reconize it when I put it in so I had to search the forums and after a day and a long long night I got it working. I works great! If you buy the TrueMobile 1470 and you want help to get the kext working just email me at Dasutin@gmail.com
  11. Callisto Technical Discussion

    I understand how Omni feels about this kid doing this, its not easy to develop a device driver and then try to make it better when people are telling you that they are having problems getting build 2 to work when you have build 7 out. Makes it hard to develop and get proper feedback. But I think he is going alittle bit too overboard. I think he should continue to develop the driver but only release it when kid takes down the site and keeps it down for atleast 2 weeks. I don't think this is the end of the Callisto drivers, but if anyone remembers, Omni did say that he was having problems with build 008. We will see, but if Omni is reading this, I can't thank you enough for your work, I understand how you feel, and I hope you continue your development p.s. I hate kids.... no morals...
  12. Nevermind, I found out the problem to my "Still Waiting for Root Device". I was using a 80-conductor IDE Cable on a harddrive that didn't support it. I switched the harddrive with a newer one that does support it and it works perfectly

    Looking at your specs you left out most of the devices attached to the computer, any SATA drives, sound, nic. I agree with Belgrano, the best way to see if it will run is to just try to install it, that always the best way, you learn more if something goes wrong and you wanna fix it. I would try 10.4.6 and if everything is fine then stay with it. If some of your devices won't work try the fourms for a solution to get it working, it might just be you need a kext for it. Also if you get everything up and running, get more memory too. Atleast 512mb.
  14. After getting Mac OS X 10.4.6 to run on my Laptop (Everything is working ) I decided to dual boot with windows xp on my desktop computer with a AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Chaintech ZNF3-150 ZENITH (nForce3 150) Primary Master: PATA Hard drive (Containing Windows XP on first partition and Mac OSX on the second) Primary Slave: DVD Burner Secondary Master: PATA Hard Drive Secondary Slave: None and one SATA Drive for storage I used Partition Magic to resize the Windows partition and then created a Unallocated Partition and then used Disc Utility on the MacOS Disc to format the Unallocated space so it can install itself on the harddrive But even before I tried to boot from the Disc to use the Disc Utility to format the partition and install, I got the "Still Waiting for Root Device" Message. So I must of restarted my machine about 10 times before it can read the install disc. After it installs, I still get the Still Waiting for Root Device" Message when trying to boot from the hard drive. So I have to restart it about X number of times until it can read the hard drive. I tried every single solution option that the wiki gives me, that doesn't work. I tried putting the Hard Drive and DVD on the Secondary and it still doesn't work. Basically I tried every combination you can try and nothing. So I take it that it would be a problem with my nForce3 chipset. Does anyone have a solution that would get rid of the "Still Waiting for Root Device" oh and the bootloader I'm using is the one that the disc uses. I didn't try Lilo. When I try Chain0 and modify my boot.ini and select the Mac OS Partition, It tells me the HAL is corrupt and to re-install windows.... any solution to that too?
  15. Nevermind about the Ethernet I got it working. I only need the Video Resolution support now. Thanks!