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  1. Greatest Mac in History

    The most revelutionary product (within Apple and the industry) would without a doubt be the iMac G3, because it started the one-of-a-kind designs seen with Apple products today. Best Selling would be the iPod. Nuff' said. The best design for an Apple product would be the Mac Pro, not only does it look cool on the outside, but it looks good on the inside as well. Best overall quality would be the MacBook Core Duos when they first were released. (I was kidding) Best OS for the time would obviously be OS 10.4, and I honestly can't seem to think of a different answer coming from a mac forum.
  2. Photoshop misadventures...

    good-tutorials.com <<<greatest photoshop site ever
  3. InsanelyMac Widget Public Beta

    looks cool, good work! What font did you use for the word "feeds"?