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  1. erbic

    no kext receipts

    I've got a genuine Macbook Pro and none of my .kexts have receipts. So I'd say it's nothing to worry about. Also, your signature is way too long. You should shorten it yourself before the moderators do.
  2. When viewing the main forum index, the "New Posts" graphic on each forum appears to be missing. There is simply a link where the graphic should be, with the text "New Posts". The "No New Posts" graphic is present and working, however. I like the changes so far; seems like most if not all of the glitches people were complaining about have been fixed. edit: & lol@Ed ^ edit2: The glitches in the formatting drop-downs in the Reply view still exist. Function definitions are appearing instead of the text representing them.
  3. The Customization --> Wallpapers section on DeviantArt is a great place to look. Desktoptopia is also a nifty little application to download.
  4. HP drivers are proprietary; get them off HP's website. They do make Mac drivers for most of their OfficeJets.
  5. This is a fairly well-known issue with the latest Transmission and OS X 10.5.5. Same {censored} happens with my computer a lot. Not much you can do about it until the devs get the bug out of the codebase, and that could take a while.
  6. erbic

    Wireless on Vista on a Mac

    Did you install all the Mac hardware drivers on the Leopard disc into Vista? A driver for the wireless card should be included in that package.
  7. erbic

    Pro Applications Update 2008-02

    Can't you just click the download link on that page?
  8. erbic

    Open Office 3.0 Out!

    Not out yet... so far as I can see they're still at Release Candidate 4.
  9. erbic

    Development tools for Tiger?

    Go to http://developer.apple.com. You may have to create an ADC membership (it's free, you link your Apple ID to it). Log in, and then click the "ADC Member Site" link at the top of the page. Click Downloads. Hit Developer Tools on the right side, and then scroll waaaay down until you find the download for Xcode 2.5.
  10. erbic

    Growl for Windows?

    Digsby has a similar functionality to Growl; messages and online notifications and what not show up in little fade-in-fade-out popups in the corner of the screen. And it's a damn good multi-protocol IM client to boot. http://www.digsby.com
  11. I think it might be something local with your connection. I've had no problems at all loading pages on this site, recently or otherwise. Only complaint I have is the occasional Database Error and what not.
  12. If I remember correctly, putting using namespace std; right after the includes should eliminate that problem. Namespaces are kind of a newfangled addition to C++... google it to find out more, I can't explain them all that well.
  13. Old one bit the dust today. It's now destroyed four discs, two of which were REALLY {censored} IMPORTANT! So I need a new one. ASAP preferably, because my MBP's hard drive is currently blank and I can't install much of anything without a DVD drive. Cheapest I can find them for is between $100 and $200... anyone got one they're willing to sell for less than that? TIA.
  14. Ooh. This looks really promising. Can't wait for a beta so I can play with it.
  15. erbic

    xcode for tiger

    It's not just a toolchain, it's the whole Xcode dev environment (IDE, compilers, multiple toolchains, etc etc etc). Awesome program for coding though. But yeah, no problem.