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  1. Jeezoflip


    An interesting site I came across the other week is http://tunestop.net/ . I think it uses a custom google search to search for music or something like that. But it seems to work really well if you type an artist and an album as the search. I haven't found anything yet that it didn't have. It's not the best alternative to torrents and stuff, but its def easy to use, and quick. Also good for those networks that block torrent traffic.
  2. Jeezoflip

    Steam for Mac is released.

    sadly, im disappointed and hope that they only optimize the games in the future. hl2 chokes on high settings on my macbook pro in snow leopard, but runs much smoother, with a higher frame rate and loading times in windows 7 (same machine).
  3. Jeezoflip

    What am I doing wrong with Final Cut Pro 7

    my company only uses red one cameras, so... i have no choice. i need to use fcp. red basically constructed their workflow around fcp. i heard they have some compatibility with avid now, but its w/e. at the end of the day, its just editing software.
  4. Jeezoflip

    Macbook Pro 15in LED

    okay thankyou. that was the answer i was looking for.
  5. Jeezoflip

    Macbook Pro 15in LED

    Hey.. i have one of the newest 15 inch macbook pros with the led backlit screens. The max resolution in display prefs is 1440x900. However, i was curious if anyone knows if the screen is capable of displaying in 1600x1050. i would do this by adding it to the graphics string in the com.apple.boot.plist. but im scared if it cant display it, the screen will just be black and i wont be able to access anything again. haha. any thoughts?
  6. it doesn't look like the menu bar is transparent anymore according to the screen shots . I like the transparency.
  7. Jeezoflip

    No FireWire after 10.5.6 update

    Im running the vanilla kernel 9.6.0 with a core 2 duo and the asus p5gc-mx motherboard. i installed 10.5.6 and my firewire card that worked in 10.5.5 wasn't recognized. found this thread and replaced the 10.5.6 AppleHPET.kext with the 10.5.5 one. It works for only a few min. The system boots telling me it found a new firewire network port. Then I look in system profiler and it is there under firewire. But then when i try starting final cut pro and trying to capture from my camera, it says no camera found. I go back to system profiler and it now says Warning - Firewire device cannot be read. So then i tried just deleting the AppleHPET.kext all together. Same result.
  8. I just like the fact that a small company is fighting a huge corporation and hasn't been shut down yet. Whether or not they win, it still had some sort of impact on apple and is encouraging. To be honest, as much as I would like to see apple make a version of OS X to run on pc's, I would have to say that I would also be upset. I think the fact that apple makes their OS exclusive to their hardware is one of the many things that makes apple, apple. By taking that away from them, it adds less luminescence to their company. Yet on the other hand.....it is a tad bit monopolistic. (haha, just sayin'!)
  9. Jeezoflip

    My first Hackintosh for Video Editing

    core i7 for a kick ass gaming rig, but not for video editing. i would stick with core 2 quads or xeons if you can push it.
  10. Jeezoflip

    OS X on The PS3

    i would want this to happen to i can use a batch of ps3's to render final cut footage. it would be so fast.
  11. Jeezoflip

    Any FCP alternatives for mac?

    i've tried premiere and i think its slower than final cut. i use final cut express on my comp and it runs great and is very responsive. final cut always crashes when i try to open it, dunno why. pro isnt that much better than express though unless you use multi camera angles.
  12. Jeezoflip

    I think i find the T61 graphics problem

    guys......... please get this to work. i took leopard off my t61 for now because the sound kext would always {censored} out, no sleep support, and the graphics obviously. if you could get the graphics to work, i would most likely put 10.5.6 on and just learn to live without sound and sleep support for now.
  13. Jeezoflip

    Fantasy WallPapers

    thankyou, i like these.
  14. Jeezoflip

    10.5.6 Released!

    yeah, im not gonna bother for now.