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    Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    Thought I´d share a video, to illustrate the graphics issues I have.. not a big problem, new windows needs to go through a "dual F11 key press", new windows shows alot of artifacts when moving them/ scrolling. But whats weird, pressing F11 twice removes this problem, and it NEVER happens again (with that window), new windows have the problem, again, pressing F11 fixes it. video (3GP), sorry for bad quality, captured it on my W810i mobil phone, but it basicly shows what Im experiencing: Video Richard
  2. t0ffluss

    Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    Did you ever try the AGPGart.kext file?.. it probably wont work.. I too have 9700 mobility, running at 1400x1050) QE/CI supported, get alot of Mouse tearing and heavy artifacts when scrolling. (pressing F11 twice fixes the problem) Richard
  3. yeah.. I have the same problem, same proccessor, only I run 10.4.7, creating a dvd takes forever , started it 10 hours ago, and its still not finished Richard
  4. t0ffluss

    About This Mac Screenshots

    rofl "im runnin OSX on this machine", "I upgraded" "cool", "U got a mac?" "nope" gotta love it
  5. Got it going, but the Beta 2 still asks for permission every 5 min. Anything I need to do to fix the problem? Richard