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Just out of interest, I was wondering what the broadband speeds of all the fellow InsanelyMac-ers are.


To get your results go to: http://www.speedtest.net/ , select a pyramid and when your test has finished, copy the forum code and paste into a post on this thread. The forum code to copy is shown below in the screenshot:



Heres mine... A average New Zealand connection:




The My Summary and Global Stats tabs on the results page is where the really interesting info is.

See how you compare to your ISP's average, the average in your state/province, the average for your country and several other things.

Does this fail for everyone else, or just me? all those are blank here.


The link field's? Just take a screenshot and crop it if you have to, even though screenshotting and cropping I have to say are tedious and boring tasks...




Are these insanely high numbers from residential or commercial places? Because I find it really hard to believe that it is available for residential, even in San Francisco, CA...


I know there is Verizon FIOS, but relatively very few have it. And speed like that from Comcast would not be worth the cost in my opinion...

He's either INSIDE the Comcast building, or Photoshop is working overtime!? :)



Let's put it to the vote, do you think Numberzz is of the type of character that would do something like that?!



SticMAN votes NO!

Kate votes NO!




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This was tested with a wireless connection. A wired connection could produce different results...





..and what do ya' know, there is a substantial increase in download speed with a wired connection, but upload speed stayed pretty much the same, hmmm. Though I must admit, the wired connection was tested on a much less powerful system than the system with the wireless connection, so that could be a factor I suppose.

Probably getting interference on the channel your wifi is using. Channel 6 is so crowded in my neighborhood (because it's the default on most routers) that I get awful speed using that channel. I switched to channel 9 and everything is fine.

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