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  1. Tim Smart

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Sure. http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper_beta/de...tand_alone.html Also the new wallpaper for now:
  2. Tim Smart

    The Apple iPad is released

    Who needs flash for video, when HTML 5 video players will look like this http://jilion.com/sublime/video Hawt.
  3. Tim Smart

    Linux Program Lists

    I use a customized Linux Mint install. I mainly dabble in these apps: Terminal (Duh!) Firefox 3.5.3 Songbird 1.4 Beta (Media player) Pidgin 2.6.* GVim Adobe Photoshop CS4 via Wine (hehe) Transmission (Torrents) Shutter (Really awesome screenshot tool) Also some highly recommended tools: Desktop Drapes (Switches wallpaper every now and again) Dropbox (FTW)
  4. This guy is blowing a trumpet he doesn't even know how to play...
  5. I certainly hope so. If you can't make the effort to learn about computer hardware and some of the inner workings of software, then you don't deserve to have a working hackintosh! Go buy a real Mac, and give us all a break.
  6. Tim Smart

    why cant i load up irc

    Haha FAIL! A online Java client can't get a virus... Basically there is something stupid happening with the forum redirect. Try download a IRC client for you operating system: -Colloquy for Mac OS X -mIRC for Windows.
  7. Tim Smart

    need help with this :D

    That isn't your motherboard, that is your actual computer. You might need to do a little more research before diving into the world of OSx86.
  8. Tim Smart

    need help with this :D

    Can you tell us your motherboard? The motherboard is basically the uttermost important item for running OSX, and determines how successful your OS X experience will be. If you can't find out what your motherboard is you have failed before you had even started. So: Find out what your motherboard is, or you might as well give up now and die in a fire.
  9. Tim Smart

    need help with this :D

    First things first, a topic title "need help with this " isn't going to get you very far in this forum. Be more specific. Secondly, you need to tell us what hardware you are using!
  10. Have a look through this list: http://www.osx86library.com/hardware/brows...ep=2&hwCa=1
  11. Tim Smart

    Feedback on new website!

    Excuse the stupid comments in my pictures, I just can't help myself.
  12. I believe this is what you are kind of looking for: http://www.osx86library.com/hardware/build.php We are going to add Download / kext attachment soon. We are currently in the concept / design stage for that.
  13. Tim Smart

    A Budget Hackintosh

    If it runs a vanilla kernel, then I would recommend the BOOT 132 method. But that is just opinion.