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  1. Software Updater

    Any live link and download Iaktos 10.6.3

    Wow, I have come back to respond to this? Hey dumb nuts, we don't support piracy, take you dumb self to an illegal website and ask there... Adios!
  2. So, are you back in black? xD I decided to come back to do some support but it has been so long I have been trying to catch back up, I think I am there :)

  3. Software Updater


    It doesn't matter... don't worry about it.
  4. Software Updater

    Dell Latitude E5500

    Meh, I guess no one can assist me in my endeavors.
  5. Software Updater

    Bordeaux for OSX

    Why reinvent the wheel? There are already plenty of WINE based apps. Some, however, are better than others.
  6. Software Updater

    Mac Pro 630-760 For Sale

    This belongs in the sales section.
  7. Software Updater

    Blue Screen of Death on Mac?

    Its not a blue screen of death, nothing crashed, its just the Mac can't finish shutting down.
  8. Software Updater

    Dell Latitude E5500

  9. Software Updater

    Using OSX as a file server?

    I dont know but what do you do that requires serving terabytes of data?
  10. Software Updater

    Using OSX as a file server?

    RAID and TimeMachine auto backup. Those are the basics, then add File Sharing.
  11. Software Updater

    I Found /Extra on iAtkos v7, But Almost Empty?

    Why don't you go to the iAtkos forum?
  12. Software Updater

    I need help upgrading From iPC 10.5.6 to 10.5.8

    Why don't you just try backing up your important files and just installing the new version?
  13. Software Updater

    Dell Latitude E5500

    Can anyone help me??
  14. Software Updater

    I DID IT! now what?

    Wow, really? The HCL is the Hardware Compatibility Listing.