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  1. This was posted in the user news forum already, but I'll post here as well. I tested it on my new Mac Pro, and it works. The faster speeds are not reported by ASP though. I can only tell that it's over-clocked by the ZDNet tool, and by benchmark results. Mac Pro Quad Core 2.8GHz w/6GB RAM: GeekBench scores 2.80GHz: 5471 3.15GHz: 6191 3.22GHz: 6417 (unstable) 3.27GHz: Computer doesn't POST
  2. MacPro Overclock

    It's on the page he linked. I just tested it and to my surprise, it actually works. Mac Pro (early 2008) 1x 2.8GHz Quad Core Xeon 6GB RAM Geek Bench 2800MHz: 5471 3150MHz: 6191 3220MHz: 6417 - unstable 3270MHz: No boot I didn't test any settings long enough to determine if they were stable or not. I know 3220 is unstable since I got a kernel panic within 5 minutes. If there's a kernel panic, or the computer won't boot, the computer will automatically set everything back to the standard settings.
  3. Do my eyes decieve me?

    "Apple-labeled" means a machine labeled by Apple, not a machine with an Apple label on it.
  4. I think the 8600 will be just fine. If you aren't running the latest and greatest of games, there isn't really a need to get the 8800GT. I had a 7600GT in my hackintosh, and it was just fine for stuff like WoW, but I wasn't playing anything more demanding. NewEgg has a fanless Gigabyte 8600GT for $49 after rebate - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814125070
  5. Taking the plunge into Mac

    I go it from Other World Computing. $170 for 4GB (2x2). $15 more than the iRam from NewEgg, but I've never heard of iRam, so I went with a company I trust (OWC has been in the Mac business for 20 years or so). I did buy the Raptor from NewEgg though, since it's the same drive at either place. However, I did buy my MacBook's RAM from NewEgg last year. There are more choices when it comes to standard RAM than FB-DIMMs.
  6. I wouldn't recommend it, because then you'd get less of the color that's on the top/bottom of the logo.
  7. Taking the plunge into Mac

    I'm sure it varies, but my Mac Pro shipped on the first day of the estimated range. It arrived a day earlier than estimated as well.
  8. They would be quite a bit bigger than the logo on the MacBook if I remember correctly. I think the one I used to have on my car was slightly bigger than the white ones they give today (and also a static cling sticker rather than an actual sticker - so much nicer).
  9. Taking the plunge into Mac

    Congrats on the new Mac. I was trying to decide between the same two computers for a while, but decided on the Mac Pro for the same reason you chose the iMac. lol. It seemed like the iMac was just as much as the Mac Pro (quad core). Also, I already had two monitors, and wanted to be able to be able to expand it more.
  10. Firewire will work. I have an $8 PCI Firewire card, and it works fine (in the hackintosh, not the Mac Pro)
  11. As far as I know, the memory limit only applies to 945p-based boards, and applies to ALL 945p-based boards, not just Gigabyte.
  12. If you want the video card to be compatible out of the box, you will have to get the Apple version of that as well. A standard one, even though the hardware is basically the same, does not have the Mac ROM on it.
  13. Thinking of buying a mac - 1GB or 2GB?

    The mini should only be able to use 3GB since it's 945p-based. However, the 1GB it comes with should be plenty for what the OP wants to do.
  14. Spore Creature Creator Trial is out for MacOS !

    Why not just get the Mac version?
  15. Better capacitors, plus it seems it was probably on a different circuit, which might not have been out as long.