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  1. FWIW: I'm now running an Nvidia Pascal card, but with your help I got ALC1220 & HD630 working over DisplayPort. Sensors for GPU don't work, but that is not a big problem.
  2. Nope - still no audio. Not a big deal, I have audio over USB to Cinema Display. Can you help me with HWMonitor for CPU (and maybe GPU and other sensors)? Now, I only have output for SSD's.
  3. Thank you. Unfortunately still no audio over DisplayPort with Nvidia (strange, it worked with HD630...) and I can only wake with power button (not with bluetooth). Not really big deals, but would be nice... origin.zip
  4. Thanks, I bought you a (PayPal) beer. I also made some edits in config.plist, also included in the archive. I guess CPU power & Geekbench look OK?
  5. @ MaLd0n - I could not get sleep/wake to work properly with HD630. I decided to get an Nvidia GPU (GTX 1050 TI). I have got the card working OK, and sleep/wake seems to work fine when I wake with the power button. I hope you allow a couple more questions. - Do I need a new DSDT with Nvidia GPU? - With the Nvidia GPU, I lost the option for audio over DisplayPort. - When I run HWMonitor - I only get output for SSD’s. FakeSMC is still only in EFI. Should I move it? - Not a big deal, but is it possible to get wake with BT keyboard. - The DSDT file is a black box for me. Is there a way to check whether everything is working OK with my system? Thanks again!
  6. Same behaviour without SSDT-UIAC.aml. Output terminal in attachment. edit: system will sleep together with display. System will wake with no video. After 30-60 seconds go to sleep again and after 30-60 reboot to Apple logo boot screen. sleep:wake.zip
  7. ALC 1220 works perfect! Thanks a lot. Sleep/wake is still a problem. In 'System Preferences - Energy Saver' I can no longer set a time for the computer to go to sleep. I can only set the display to turn off. The display will go to sleep, but the system will stay running. Waking the screen is no problem. System will not go to sleep. I can force the system to sleep (with  - Sleep). When I try to wake the system, it will briefly (30 seconds or so) wake but no display. After that, the system will reboot to to the MacOS login screen. I hope this makes sense.
  8. Sorry, but two more questions: 1 - my current S/N, Board Serial, etc work with iMessage. The config.plist I posted to DropBox had a random S/N. I guess I just copy over my old SMBIOS section over to your config.plist. Correct? 2 - I am eager to learn and better understand what you have done. Any idea how I could do this. Do you keep notes, maybe? Thanks again!
  9. Thanks a lot @MaLdon! I will test tomorrow and let you know asap.
  10. I'm still struggling with waking HD630 from sleep (kinda big thing for me). Also, it would be nice to get ALC1220 working. Thank you!
  11. Thanks again and files are here. I Hope this works. Some random S/N in config.plist. I've got the following challenges: - properly wake from sleep with HD630 - ALC1220. Note: audio (in and out) and iSight work well over USB to Apple Cinema Display. - There is a brief graphic glitch during boot Note: I've also installed an RX470. I'm not using it right now. I want to be able to dual boot and need the Clover boot screen.
  12. smoldersonline

    Intel HD630 and Sierra 10.2.5 Wake Issue

    I'm having issues waking from sleep with HD630 (i7 7700K). Have you managed to get this working properly? Would you be willing to share your settings? Thanks a lot!
  13. Thanks @MaLd0n for offering your support! I feel such a n00b! I did not connect the ACD's USB cable to the ASRock MB. I still have to check, but with USB connected, the ACD seems fully functional (OOB). Really awesome! I guess that this way I'm not using the MB's ALC1220 chip? Only drawback I can see (now) is that I will not be able to use the MB's audio connections. Would I maybe be overlooking something with this conclusion, e.g. could audio quality over USB be inferior to audio from ALC1220? Thanks again!
  14. Thanks a lot for all the hard work. I'm still a bit of a newbie, but a lot is already working om my new build - ASRock Z270 Fatal1ty ITX with Intel Kaby Lake i7 7700K. I have connected a Apple Cinema Display using CPU's onboard graphics (HD630). With the kind support from others. I got video working well (only a brief glitch during boot - minor). It would be great if I could also get audio and the display's iSight to work. Could you help me with that? If so, what would you need from me? Thanks a lot!