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  1. So, whats the scoop?

    ...and after you grow bored of the point and shoot linux distros that perform like sh*t and do everything good but nothing well... try Arch. You will have to learn something about your OS, but it's really no more difficult than whipping an XP or Vista install into shape. Not easy like Suse, Ubuntu, etc, but not all that hard... and the performance difference is shocking.
  2. The reason behind the Microsoft market share?

    Gentoo and Arch cola is really tasty and the flavor stays fresh and new, but you have to mine the bauxite, refine it into aluminum, manufacture the can, grow the sugarcane and flavorings, build a CO2 production facility, and can the product before you can drink it.
  3. The stupid ways people do things...

    My first Apple was a IIe rev.B with a bad power supply. I rebuilt the supply and had my first Apple. I sold it shortly after and got an Atari 800 because the games were better. My next machine was a Amiga 500 followed shortly after by 2000. I remember laughing at Macs... The Amiga and AmigaOS just laid waste to the Macs in performance and features and was half the price. My first PC was a 386DX/25. I had it for a few months... just long enough to master it so I could start making lots of money off the poor fools who used PCs. I couldn't stand that thing and remember laughing at how bad DOS and Windows were. My first mac was a Powermac 6200. I wish I still had an Amiga... loved my Amigas.
  4. The 10 Best Linus Torvalds Quotes

    I'm not saying he's not brilliant, just that he likes to make sure people know he's brilliant even if he has to tell them himself. Plus, I'd guess he's the type who just loves to hear his name spoken and/or written as much as possible. Don't take that the wrong way. I respect the man and his work, but people with large chips on their shoulders annoy me a bit. Folks like Judd Vinet, Jordan Hubbard, and Daniel Robbins have more smarts than Linus will ever have, but you don't see them spouting off about it all the time and kissing themselves in the mirror. If you don't know why I say these things about Linus you haven't read enough of his writings or listened to enough of his interviews.
  5. I don't remember selecting anything from software update that said anything about MobileMe. I did recently update iTunes, so it must have been in there. Ticks me off. I just did a search on this and see lots of people are b*tching about it. What's strange is that my Macs didn't have a MobileMe pref pane installed without my permission. This is nothing more than blatant advertising. Shame on you Apple! :censored2:
  6. I just noticed that there is a MobileMe icon in the control panel on my Vista gaming machine. Where the hell did that come from? I damn well didn't install it and have no need for it. Plus it doesn't really do anything but try to get you to buy MobileMe? Did Apple push this {censored} advertisement junkware through a Safari or iTunes update or something? I sincerely hope they give me a way to remove this unwanted ad for their overpriced service. Just because they renamed iDisk MoblieMe doesn't mean it's suddenly not ripoff {censored} that is bested by many free services. Idiots.
  7. The 10 Best Linus Torvalds Quotes

    Linus is way too full of himself.
  8. The stupid ways people do things...

    My first computer was an Atari 400 with a cassette drive. I have found memories of hammering out basic code on that membrane keyboard. I believe it had all of 16k of ram. My dad considered it an expensive toy with little purpose. I remember telling my dad that one day every home will have computers to manage all of our affairs and that it was the future. He dismissed that notion. Totally agree. The fellow in my op is a very smart fellow. He's just inflexible, hard headed, and unwilling to learn.
  9. The reason behind the Microsoft market share?

    Of course the ubuntu can just contains dirty brown water. You have to boil it for a few hours so it's drinkable. Decide on a wide range of flavors of which most taste like sh*t. Add your own carbonation because licensing restrictions only allow you to have flat water out the box. When you're finally ready to drink it the pull tab will break off requiring you to use a workaround where you punch a hole in the side of the can. The Windows soda tastes vaguely similar to iCola, but you have to be really strong to open the can, can only pour it in one glass, and you can't give anybody else a sip of it. Also, about a third of the cans contain salmonella. iCola tastes incredible, but it costs like $400 bucks a can.
  10. The stupid ways people do things...

    My old man does that too. After I bought him and my step mom Macbooks for xmas (so they'd stop pestering me all the time with their never ending windohs problems), I had a hell of a time convincing them NOT to shut down every program and turn off the computer everytime they were finished using it. Years of using windows laptops with barely functional sleep, awful battery life, and horrible application stability taught them these bad habits. People don't even realize that these things work fine on windows laptops now and have for years because they learned early on not to trust it. Was so funny when may dad gave me a concerned look and said, "you mean it'll really just wake back up and the internet and stuff will still be working???... I can just leave everything running and it won't break stuff?"
  11. The stupid ways people do things...

    God only knows. On the rare occasions I want to do a manual backup I just click the script launcher in the menu bar and launch one of my backup scripts that calls rsync. Almost never do that since all my backps are automated and happen while I'm sleeping. Only time I do it is when I need to backup something to a non standard location... which is pretty much never.
  12. The stupid ways people do things...

    I know that and you know that, but in my experience those yes, no, yes to all, etc... choices just confuse the hell out of the clueless. I didn't mean to just pick on 'doze either... I've seen plenty of mac users do the same stupid convoluted things.
  13. Swiss Army Knife

    I cut myself opening that knife contracted tetnus, HIV, and about 500 different staphylococcus variants.
  14. The stupid ways people do things...

    So I was watching my buddy do a backup of his music collection. He's your basic clueless 'doze user. He plugs his little pocket drive into his laptop, goes to the start menu, opens my computer, goes to the pocket drive, deletes the current backup (all 55 gigs worth), closes my computer, goes back to the start menu, reopens my computer, selects the music folder, selects copy from the edit menu, closes my computer... start menu... my computer... pocket drive... paste... wait for the 55.7 gigs to copy... christ! I was like, "Mike, how often do you do that?" He tells me a couple of times a week. Christ! I tell him, "Mike, you're gonna kill that poor hard drive... do you not have some kind of sync or backup program?" He tells me no and that they're too complicated to use and how his way is much easier. oh gawd. Your stories...
  15. OpenSolaris

    It's a really excellent server OS, but NetBSD is faster, better, and has more comprehensive hardware support. Of course, if you can find a good deal on a used Sparc Server OpenSolaris would really be great. As far as desktop use... I'd rather shove sharpened bamboo slivers under my fingernails.