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  1. Selling my 4 month old Apple Macbook Pro. It is PERFECT no damage. I am only selling because I am switching back to Windows. It is an Core i7 quad core 2.66! This baby is screaming fast! It comes with the original box and all the paper work. It has all the OSX DVDs included as well. The battery on this baby last almost 7 hours normal use!!! Comes with 2 MagSafe Power Adapters The price brand new was $2200 Selling it for $1800 the price is firm! No trades cash only Did I mention it dual boots with Windows 7 Ultimate? Installed MS Office 2007 Checkout the pictures! Don't let this one get away! Email James @ jamezr@hotmail.com MacBook Pro 15-inch Glossy Widescreen Display 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 Quad Core! NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M with 512MB 4GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x2GB 500GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm Built-in battery (8-9 hour) SuperDrive 8x (DVD±R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW) SD card slot Backlit Keyboard
  2. yeah...Visualhub will not do mkv files...search Google...there are free mkv file converters out there
  3. If you are on a Mac then use Visualhub...if on Windows Then use DVD Shrink to shrink the DVD to burn to a DVD
  4. I have almost the exact same specs as the original poster for my Dell XPS 420 But I can't get past the boot screen from the iAtkios DVD. I get the infamous circle with a line crossed through it.... I have followed the directions to a T! lol oh well....maybe its time to buy an iMac........
  5. So how much were you looking to get for it?
  6. geekdad

    [Sell] My G5 ATX case SOLD!

    So what are the specs for it as shown in the picture? Would you sell it like that?
  7. geekdad

    "StealthMac" G5 case mod

    Dude that is awesome! You have a bright future in selling PC Mods! You Rock! :-)
  8. geekdad

    No new iPhone until next year?

    That does not mean he was telling you the truth. After all he was trying to sell you some thing..... Only time will tell and it is only 2 months away so it will be worht waiting for.....
  9. I can understand your frustration and have had some of the same experiences. But some of these people have taken the time to learn and follow all of this technology. Sometimes it takes years to learn some of this stuff. Not from a book or tutorial but from experience. Some of these guys this what they do. They are programmers IT professionals. Remember that they are here helping people because they WANT to. Not because they have to or are selling a product. So be paitient take the time to learn....hangout in the IRC chat channels. Ask people for help via PM or email. But know that they don't have to help anyone! They are doing it for the enjoyment of helping others and to hone their skills. But no one is under any obligation to help you at all! There are some basic skillsets that are needed to do theses hacks and mods. Most of that is assumed by the tutorial posters. these hacks and mods are not for everyone so put in your time and be patient. Geekdad
  10. Well I have both a MBP and Dell XPS Hackintosh. I think there is a real need that Apple is not filling right now. I need a desktop that I can upgrade the video card or even upgrade the CPU. I think there is real market for a desktop solution that is not a MacPro or an iMac but somewhere in the middle. That is my need so therefore I hack! :-) I have been a longtime Apple owner and influence my friends to buy Apple when ever I can. I bought Macbooks for my sons for school. BUT Windows keeps me employed. I do Data Security for a fortune 500 company and we aren't switching to Macs anytime soon.......or ever.
  11. geekdad

    Fedora 11 out...

    Has anyone dual booted Fedora 11 and their Mac or Hackintosh? I installed it but I can't get it to boot. I booted to the live CD and it installed it on my macbook and it even restarted into Fedora the first boot. I shut my mac down and now it doesn't even see the Fedora partition. Any ideas? Thanks Geekdad
  12. geekdad

    EFI partition manager

    Wow this is a great tool but the I can't download the attachment. Is anyone else having trouble? Can you repost the attachement? Thanks! :-)
  13. geekdad

    [Trade:] Black Macbook for Macbook po

    I looked up the shipping charges from my location to your via UPS and this is what it says from the UPS website: SWINDON, SN1 2JH, UNITED KINGDOM Ship From: Mesa, 85209, UNITED STATES Shipment Date: Thursday, August 28, 2008 Total Shipment Weight: 20 lbs. ( **Dimensional Weight applies to one or more packages, billable weight: 32.0 lbs. ) Customs Value: 20.00 USD Daily Pickup? No Drop-off / Pickup? I will pay shipping charges and ship my package at a retail location such as The UPS Store® or UPS Customer Center Rates may vary at retail locations. Find Locations Destination Type: Residential Number of Packages: 1 Duty Type: 03 - Low value UPS Worldwide ExpeditedSM 5:30 P.M. Thursday August 28, 2008 By End of Day Wednesday September 3, 2008 - 329.32 USD* Billable Weight: 32.0 lbs. Contact UPS By: 4:30 P.M. Thursday August 28, 2008 So it looks like shipping would be outrageous!! to say the least! :-)
  14. geekdad

    [Trade:] Black Macbook for Macbook po

    Don't know what shipping is to the UK. FTM it comes in the original box with all the software and 2 power adapters and a Neoprene Sleeve. What city in the UK?
  15. geekdad

    [Trade:] Black Macbook for Macbook po

    Sounds interesting.... Too bad you are in the UK and I'm in the US. i would be willing to trade a my MBP for a Blackbook plus $500 US. MBP Perfect condition! no scratches no damage. It's been babied! :-) Core Duo 2 2.4 4GB GSkill 200 GB WD 5400rpm HD Dual Boots Windows XP SP3! Blackbook would have to be in perfect condition also........