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  1. I came across this thread while looking for the answer myself, and I sure it's possible. In fact, I'm so sure I'm going to purchase one and do it myself. I don't know if this has been answered in any other thread but this is the first result in a google search; however, in the same search I found this:
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    So you used two partitions, or you installed 10.4.8 on the external drive and imported to the internal drive(leopard) during migration? I'm wondering because I've run into the same issue and my 10.4.8 dvd is b0rked. i'm just interested in what is necessary to get 10.5.2 finally working.
  3. Ekylypse

    install from usb key?

    I would search for BOOT-132 I'm working on something similar right now. You could put it on the first partition of your flas disk, flag for boot, and then "restore"/dd the contents of the iso to the primary partition and see if it'll boot. I don't know though. When I figure out more I could try to help.
  4. Okay, besides my issues with uphuck iATKOS v4i and not being able to install properly because I can;t see anything, I resorted back to my JaS 10.5.2 DVD Which installed fine(proper resolution, external display) on my hp d1300. After I completed the install I'm having the following issue: The laptop's primary display is broken. I received for free, for it had been dropped down a flight of stairs at the local community college(nasty spill) It did not install a bootloader and it's the only intel machine with a working DVD-rom drive right now. Conclusively, I boot with the DVD, after the loginwindow starts from my usb disk the external monitor goes blank and I am unable to switch using the usual Fn+F4 which allowed me to install initially. Any information on how I may remedy the situation please let me know. I'm currently working with BOOT-132 to try to set up my dedicated intel box to boot the usb disk without the DVD, however I'm running into issues modifying the INITRD.IMG with no mac in front of me .
  5. Ekylypse

    Deleting in darwin?

    Though the terminal you can remove files by using the "rm" command. I would suggest using the "mv" command; however, because you may want to keep a copy of it backed up. Make sure that if you not in your home directory that you will have to use "sudo mv" or "sudo rm". Glad to help out a unix n00b
  6. Ekylypse

    Dock starting twice?

    Check the Startup Items....Make sure the dock isn't listed as a startup item, or as an application that starts when you login
  7. I modified the Kernel Extensions on my OSX86 Machine in order to set my Display to resoloutions other than 1024x768 but now when I login I only get 16 colors. The login screen is in full color but nothing else.
  8. Ekylypse

    Safe Mode Only

    Heh.... You need to boot into safe, or single-user mode and Remove any of the files that have ATI in them within the following directory: /System/Library/Extensions
  9. Okay...so has anyone considered Darwine? I see that it was mentioned above, but I dont understand if anyone had tried it or not.
  10. Ekylypse

    Donate toward a Developers Kit

    I am going to build my own...Its probably going to cost about $300, but yeah.... Everyone. My decision will be made Monday the 15th of August. The donation will be made as soon as possible after that. I thank everyone for their donation toward the Dev kit but since we no longer need it, I feel that that keeping the community which has been there from the start and informed the world about cracking Apple's wonderful OS to run on any, straight off the line, x86-based computer up and running is a betrter cause. If I recieve no objections before that time the money will be donated to the website. Hell, your lucky I'm giving you an option. You sent it to me
  11. Ekylypse

    Donate toward a Developers Kit

    Hey guys, Now I have a total of $58.92 USD donated from the community, Thank you all for all of your help. I have about $800 from myself; however, with the recent news about being able to get it to run I think I am going to skip out on buying the dev kit and donate some of this money to the website. If anyone has an objection to this let me know and I'll be sure to send your money back. I just have to find a way to send money through PayPal without a creditcard added. Credit Cards are {censored} and I dont have one. I believe that by adding a checking account I can also send it but until then then money is still in my Posession. I'm too late to go back and look but whoever posted about their FreeBSD box running Apache thank you for the offer but I no longer need it, and you should check out http://no-ip.com. They will set it up to route your Domain http://whatever.com to your IP address by providing you with NameServers and such, for only about $25 a year. Thanks Guys, Anthony Dillavou
  12. Ekylypse

    Donate toward a Developers Kit

    Yeah...I need someone to set me up with a bit of WebHosting because i guess they crapped out on me....
  13. Ekylypse

    Rosetta Kernel uses TCPA

    Or maybe they're never going to convert it and this is how they've managed to stop us from running it on any straight off the market Dell Computer. Good way to do it but if we manage to get a hold of a Dev Kit then we should be able to emulate it....
  14. Ekylypse

    Donate toward a Developers Kit

    You could ship it via UPS, or FedEx if you have them in your country. I dont believe that postal mail is a sollution to your international problem....
  15. Ekylypse

    Donate toward a Developers Kit

    From PayPal Donations: $33.15 USD From MacMinis4Free: 5 more people have signed up since I got that account; however, no more offers have been completed. I wish more people were willing to donate. A Special thanks to everyone who has, you know who you are and I apprecieate it very much so.