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  1. Loss of IntelHDMI Audio

    Fixed, It seemed that with a new fresh install of 10.12.6, things get changed somehow? HDMI fixes: 1 DSDT 2 Clover KextToPatch one port works as of this update. whereas before all were enabled. Clover would test each one and see which worked. However it seems this is purely a guesstamit, clover would open all of the ports , 205, 304, 406, 602VGA. HDMI-audio HD3000, 0x00010000, port 0304 Clover does some new thing. Had the wrong device id in DSDT, but it worked previously rather strange. 0x26, 0x00, 0x10, 0x00 was, 0x16, 0x00, 0x10, 0x00
  2. Up until a few weeks ago when I had HDMI Audio. Now zero. Tried everything not working. Anyone else, suddenly stop working? I must have missed something.
  3. It does have an effect. However, I switched back to AppleHDA thingy to avoid this in future. reinstalled 10.12.6 thanks for your tip.
  4. Hi Tom, Will give a go. I try AppleHDA.kext again thanks will let you know
  5. Greetings, Two Issues asking for help with. about two weeks and half ago installed the security update for 2018 January. After the install upon reboot got a boot panic. CPU fault it seems. Unfortunately I have a laptop and 250Gb SSD drive only. I had made a high sierra USB installer used that. Would not boot after install. So I resorted to an El Capitan USB installer. After that I could not sign into Mac App Store. I tried many combinations and clover boot loader settings. Finally out of dumb luck put the El Capitan USB installer back in and booted my drive from that. After that I was able to see the App Store, reinstalled 10.12.6 Sierra. Setting FixLAN previously in Clover, caused the this system not to be able to see App Store. This time setting FixLAN able to see App Store and download what was previously purchased. What would be the reason for previously having to uncheck the FixLan setting in Clover to be able to see App Store and then this time have to set it? with 10.12.6 Sierra. While with El Capitan tried both on and off with FixLan? Second Issue is the Security Update of January 2018 -- last month. I don't have any files to present because I had to wipe drive twice and I just got back to 10.12.6 Sierra. I apologize for that.. Thank you kindly
  6. Hi Paulo, I got my machine to sleep in all the above versions. I'm still running 10.12.5. But, does not wake up. I'm beginning to think that the ACPIBatteryManager.kext has something to do with it. Or the DSDT hack needs to be cleaned up. Or both. Reason being is that when I use Activity Monitor to look at how much Energy is being used, Activity Monitor crashes. There's a work around for the Activity Manager once it crashes found by someone on this site. This crashing seems to have started with 10.12.4 and carries into 10.12.5. In all, the systems should sleep and wake up. Power management. Some code is missing or is wrong. Work around; delete the com.apple.ActivityMonitor.plist file In ~/Library/Preferences Press ignore after crashing
  7. Hey that's good news. waiting for the ...
  8. Thanks Herve', looks like the graphics is based on Intel HD 2500 graphics. cpuz reports "Intel HD Graphics" nothing else. Device Manager reports the same. interesting is for cpuz reporting, on the graphics tab Board Manuf. states: Lenovo
  9. I just received a windows 10 installed laptop would like to know if this can be done. I made a USB stick with legacy boot. When arrived at install screen, the keyboard doesn't work. Tried three different PS2 controller kexts. VoodooPS2controller ApplePS2controller ApplePS2smart None of these worked. Any success stories? NEC with Intel Celeron Dual Core 1.90Ghz Ivy Bridge Intel HM77 Chipset Intel HD graphics. -- looked allover for designation as in 3000/4000/5000. Don't know (is there just a plain ole Intel HD Graphics?) Realtek ALC282 750Gb HDD Intel HDMI InsydeH20 bios Thanks Mak
  10. Solved the keyboard issue. BIOS. Hacked it once for the AsusMSR but, that seems to have interfered with the keys. So now I just use Clover for the Asus fix and leave the Bios stock.
  11. Hi Riley, We fix. when I moved the plist I had reset the permissions. that was the problem. works as you said. Thanks Riley, wifi velocity it is rather interesting wonder what it's actually for? Mak
  12. Hi Riley, Yes I have SIP disabled to allow plist modification. The plist has a Disabled > YES But it still runneth over. What else could be wrong? Mak
  13. Hi Riley I found that the above command does not hold. What am I doing wrong? Mak
  14. I have a current problem where the " t y o " keys stopped working. also on number pad the number " 2 " key stopped working. tried the pull the battery for a minute while pressing on button. tried newer kext. anyone have same issue? thnx
  15. Flash Drive Maker

    changed the steps to do this. First, erased the previous installer, with Disk Utility and the did the whole process. working fine. Must have been a hiccup after updating to 10.12.3. just finished restoring and verifying to USB. Thank you Mak