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  1. Ive been given an old motherboard that turned out to be from an old Alienware system the motherboard is an Intel Desktop board. D925XCV i have the socket 775 P4 3.4ghz processor and 2gb of ddr2 6400 Ram to go with it. along with a 80gb SATA drive. and a Radeon X300Le 256mb PCI Express grafx Card. Can Lepoard run on this hardware setup or will i need to run Tiger 10.4.xx ?
  2. xSuRgEx

    Installing OSX86 on Thinkpad R40e

    Finaly i figured out what the problem was. i disabled USB Bios Support in system setup and it installs fine now. would using 10.4.8 fix any audio and video driver problems?
  3. xSuRgEx

    Installing OSX86 on Thinkpad R40e

    still having problems with 10.4.6 jas patched release. has any one figured out how to make it boot on my thinkpad r40e ? its been a while now.
  4. xSuRgEx

    [Random] 9999 Replies

    yawn 1138 time for bed.
  5. xSuRgEx

    Welcome to the SigmaTel 9200 Driver Initiative!

    hope some one comes up with a working sloution for sigmatel 9200 sound.
  6. xSuRgEx

    Installing OSX86 on Thinkpad R40e

    trying to install 10.4.6 jas patched on an ibm thinkpad r40e using -v at drwin this error shows up last Extension "com.apple driver.appleACPIthermal" has no kernel dependcy . IOPCCardBridge::Start failed USBF: 46.970 AppleUSBOHCI[0x1ab5800]::start OHCI controller will be unloaded across sleep it wont boot past that screen, the dvd works on other systems so do i need to swap out the thinkpad hdd to an external USB case and install from my PC? got it working now if anyone else is having the same problem as me just go into your bios on the thinkpad and turn off usb in the usb section. it boots the dvd allthe way now
  7. dell inspiron 1300 sound is showing on the system but no sound is comming out. used the sigmatell drivers at install. any one know how to make it work properly.?
  8. xSuRgEx

    Problem When Trying to Install

    i get the same error when trying to install on a dell inspiron 1300. it will load up darwin and boot to the white apple screen, but then i it crashes with a ? mark box in the middle of the screen. i tryed 30 times to boot the dvd last night and out of 30 times it loaded up darwin once, so i gave up trying. there is no PS2 keyboard port on the laptop so i cant try that to fix it. i have made a seprate partition on the drive and set it to active. does any one know how to get 10.4.6 jas patched to install on my dell insprion 1300? Thanks.
  9. xSuRgEx

    DVD Studio Pro 4

    ok i found out what the problem was, the version of dvd sutdio pro 4 didnt have the templates on the disk. so unticking the templates made the install work properly.
  10. xSuRgEx

    creative Audigy 2 NX

    Ive just managed to get a fantastic bargin on ebay, a Creative audigy 2 NX for £16. i have looked on the WIKI and see that Os x for intel has no problems with it, but how many channels will i be able to get from the external soundcard? apart from the obvous L/R channel's i have searche the forms too but couldent find anything revlent to my problem. Now that apple are working on these MacPros do you think creative might start offering support for there usb soundcards?
  11. xSuRgEx

    DVD Studio Pro 4

    i have the same problem but installing version 4 unibin on a g4 1.33 powerbook with 768mb ram i get to the part where it asked for a serial number i enter this and then i get an software install error. i try to install again but i just get aprompt for the admin password. and the same error comes up again. any one know how to fix this issue?
  12. Now that would be a big reason for me to go out and get an xbx360. iam wateing of the moment until news of this so called emulation exploit comes into the public XS have hd news about it, but due to all the recent fake modchips Ice /devil360 etc... who all have clamed to have modchips for the xbox360 and not dvd firmware hacks, every one is very warey of any news related to a "moddchip" for the xbox360. yeah but insnt that live cd for intel chipsets so it wont runlive on PPC chips?
  13. xSuRgEx

    Which version of OSX should I use?

    the the jas patched 10.4.6 dvd it should be fine for your specs.
  14. xSuRgEx

    Where is Maxxuss?

    its allways good to donate to this site. i did it back when the very erly dev kit dvd was released. with out maxxuss we might have never had this wounderfull os runnin on our normal pcs. its a privlige to be a member here and more so to be able to run Mac OS X on non mac hardware. It woud be nice if maxxuss came back when 10.5 comes out.
  15. iam having excatly the same problems as you but iam using the Jas Patched 10.4.6 install dvd is there any way to install 10.4.6 and just have the darwin boot loader show osx and my xp install? iam realy starting to give up with this osx86 thing and wish i had kept my 10.4.1 that worked with no problems at all.