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  1. sportman

    NeedForSpeed CARBON on Intel Macs

    It seems that most things I try give me a mouse at first then a blank screen or it will just quit out, i need to figure out what the issue with FEAR is, I need to do some troubleshooting. FEAR gives me a mouse and a blank screen then the mouse goes away, but I can't even exit out of the blank screen I have to shut the computer off .
  2. sportman

    NeedForSpeed CARBON on Intel Macs

    NHL 2007 launches shows the loading screen then exits I will try some other tests with it
  3. sportman

    NeedForSpeed CARBON on Intel Macs

    In comparison to Cider it sucks game wise in my opinion, HL2 runs decent especially on my new MBP but still I would like to see this working in cider.Currently I am working on NHL2007 anyone try this game yet?
  4. sportman

    NeedForSpeed CARBON on Intel Macs

    we all know that crossover sucks , hopefully once they release gametap for mac we can use the cider in that to lunch steam because gametap is an application
  5. sportman

    NeedForSpeed CARBON on Intel Macs

    som3on3 would you like to help me with getting steam working? I have been on irc the past few days in the #game channel
  6. sportman

    Halo 2 on Mac

    should be interesting I will try and give it agoIt seems most of the workarounds to get halo running on xp require a type of bat file or a loader file to load the halo 2 exe I am reading up on it.
  7. sportman

    Steam With Cider? Any Ideas?

    what do you mean bwhsh8r?
  8. sportman

    NeedForSpeed CARBON on Intel Macs

    I am working on getting half life 2 going, but I keep recieving the error Unable to load C:\steamapps\islanderfan@msn.com\half-life 2\bin\filesystem_steam.dll looks like there are some issues with it still trying to call steam, i have tried just getting steam going and have had no luck
  9. sportman

    Steam With Cider? Any Ideas?

    Steam has been working for some time with crossover office, how bout we get it working with cider? I am starting work on it tonight, hopefully I will have some success, but so far I haven't gotten anything to work, I am going to just get cider going for a little with some other games and then see. Wish me lukc.I keep trying to run it and the application exits right away, let me look at my log filesIt seems that cider has difficulty running small windows applications I was able to run some games fine but I can't get a small application like steam working
  10. sportman

    Censorship In Schools

    I agree, especially when the materials being blocked are educational. It is really getting frustraiting.
  11. sportman

    Censorship In Schools

    yea i am basically talking of things like that, it needs to be changed cause the filters in places at a lot of schools are really stupid. Improvements need to be made on the systems, basically thats the direction i want to go in. im not saying all censorship is bad just internet filters need to be improved a lot.
  12. sportman

    Censorship In Schools

    Well I agree it should be censored my main arguement for my paper is to what extent it should be sensored. It is sensored to the point where my teachers are getting fed up. My science teacher the other day tried showing us a web page on fermentation and it comes up blocked for alcohol. Also my high school has a DECA club and the New York DECA (Business Club) Web site was somehow blocked for pornagraphy. In my research paper I am going to suggest new ideas to improve the current systems. The insanely mac web page is also blocked on our web filter along with any online email systems. This is extremely upsetting when doing a school project or report and you need to register with certain web sites such as an online bibliography tool, because students need to wait until they get home to verify their registration.
  13. I am conducting this poll for my Writing For College class and need this information to help me with my research paper on Internet Censorship in schools. If possible voice your opinion on the topic as well. Thanks, Sportman
  14. sportman

    [How To] Speed Ups Tweaks and more

    hmmm, well i have gotten most / all of those tips to work on osx86, so maybee i missed a step in the tutorial ... I don't have an installation with me, I am currently in florida, but I will be able to take a look when i get back on sunday, this have been pretty messed up lately . my gf and I broke up ... i guess for the better, but I will get back into this mac {censored} when i get home, it will help me take my mind off her.
  15. sportman


    i totally agree with you, my friend had an apus teacher gave every A's and didnt teach, had the students do textbook work and then present to the rest of the class, obviously the technique failed everyone got a's and bombed teh AP US exam, but i got C's for half the year then a B and an A and got a 4 on my ap exam so overal it pays off i agree.