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  1. i have 4 os x 10.4 cd dmg's that wont boot when i burn them and i have an ibook to play with for 2 months with only a cdrom ive converted the dmg with ultraiso and burned and even burned with transmac tried dmg2iso it didnt put out a proper iso (size was 3mb) anone know some software or a way that would work without a mac with a burner i wish i could install os x from the harddrive or via network from my windows pc i need a better way then buying and external drive plus do you all think it would install my ibook says 500mhz and 192mb of ram im praying that 64mb extra of it is being used as a Vram
  2. I know the x86 side of the dvd wasnt fully up to par but was the powerpc section a full install i want to know does the mac compatible dvd contain everthing that the retail has or could i upgrade a ibook from panther with the dvd will it work i just need to upgrade the os then ill run an update on it for extras like itunes and stuff will this work
  3. hmm its seems im a M$ b0b too i happy at least im not one of these windows 1.0a packardbell legend packardbell navigator altair 8080 qdos i own all except altair but im lucky im just a ms bob
  4. i dropped of the scene for a while but has has os x 86 speeded up any? what are the main new breakthroughs besides the updates? i still have the pheonix cd i bet the new ones better is it
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    Supported Virtual Machine

    Hey i made that torrent did you get that from demonoid i set the vm to xp pro i felt it had nothing to do with how it was installed so.... dang so i did it wrong
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    Something to tide us over

    What ive done like most people is download rhapsody x86 and added a tiger wallaper
  7. What ive done like most people is download rhapsody x86 and added a tiger wallaper