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  1. Transitioning to lenovo T430 (not as hackintosh friendly as my old T420, but still good)

  2. Today we had some fun with @k3nny about the OSX Mavericks icon in ThinkPad theme and we came up with this. (just in case you were wondering who is making the Mavericks) I think this Mavericks icon will be the official 10.9 Developer Preview icon in ThinkPad theme Here is the file: os_mav.icons.zip
  3. @joshhh - Thanks for suggestions - I'll try to find some spare time and dig in a bit more into T430 + OSX. Please share your W530 kexts, dsdt and config.plist. Ohh and You are right about the USB3 ports - I just didn't have time to put anything eles than my USB3 pen-drive. It seems that USB2 devices are not deferred to EHC controller thus no other driver takes over them. Use GenericUSBXHCI driver from this thread. - I wonder if we could fix it in DSDT?
  4. Try again using my older custom package from post #117 and report back. BTW: I guess I'll be switching from T420 to T430 soon. Right now I have both machines to decide witch one to sell. The T430 is a stronger model (i7) with optimus graphic card that I've always wanted to play with in OSX. To bad I still have very little time lately to do some serious hackintoshing, but I can report this about the new T430: - I can boot successfully with older clover r1229 (I didn't had the time to investigate why Clover newer releases wont boot) - USB3 works excellent OOB (booting from 32GB USB3 pen-driver - super fast) - the NVIDIA NVS 5400M - works with graphic enabler (I have black screen with HD4000) - too bad the whitelist bios can't be flashed to this device (no WiFI swapping for broadcome model) and I don't want to solder the eprom and flash it outside using phoenix flasher. - Can you guys suggest USB wifi that works OOB? - T430 boots clover in full resolution (1600x900 and looks gorgeous) so I guess I'll update the ThinkPad theme background for high res in free time
  5. @Tetonne - Here is how to make it work again. 1. Clean up all interfaces in System Preferences > Network 2. sudo mv /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist /System/ 3. reboot and enter ThinkPad Setup > Disable Wireless Ethernet 4. Add Ethernet interface in System Preferences > Network and check if it is attached to en0. 5. Check your 17 digit serial number in your Clover OEM config.plist (you can change it just in case) 6. reboot and enable Wireless Ethernet in ThinkPad Setup 7. Now add Wi-Fi and check if it is on en1 8. login to AppStore than iCloud, than iMessage. 9. Be Happy
  6. BTW: I'm happy to announce that ThinkPad Theme (from this thread) is available in official Clover build from r1719 and up. Also forgot to mention that the theme has been updated and split in two read post #9. So from now on updating Clover will be a more pleasurable experience for us
  7. @sonic - The seccond pen-drive is an option. Uncheck UEFI install if installing on FAT32 usb. In case of preparing the osx Installer try partitioning the pen-drive again and setting GUID partition table. (Not mbr or apple). Also you can try renameing it to something short, like: osxinstall. The reason for using seccond fat32 formated pendrive is for ease of useing it on another computer in case of failure you can always change your config files or delete conflicting drivers etc. .
  8. @tluck - hmm just IRQ1 you say. Strange. Have you cleaned and rebuild caches after that? When making changes in DSDT always test it against fresh/stock settings. I gues cleaning nvram would also be a good idea.
  9. K0gen

    Clover General discussion

    @xpamamadeus - thanks... I'm actually maintaining and updating the ThinkPad theme here (post #9). - Just forgot to mention it
  10. @tluck - yes very nice indeed! I saw you are using patched AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext and wanted to suggest you patching it via Clover but I see we have came up in a great understanding in the Clover subject. Now that we have custom kexts patching going can I suggest patching AppleHDA.kext using clover and adding custom rc shoutdown script for replacing the: - AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext/Contents/Info.plist - layout12.xml.zlib - Platforms.xml.zlib I'm very busy lately with my job and familly. That is why I'm going to stay in the shadow for some time. Keep up the good work tluck - You'r on fire!
  11. RC scripts are quite important, especially for us UEFI users. Essential are: rc.local - is responsible for saving boot.log and mounting EFI partition rc.shutdown.local deals with storing nvram settings You can add your custom scripts with actions like: fixing permissions, patching kexts like AppleHDA, etc
  12. @360game360 - bluetooth works OOB you just need to activate it using Linux or Windows. I have used latest ubuntu for that. As for iMessage make sure your ethernet is en0 also try adding MLB full (17 digit) number in RtVariables to config.plist @all - slightly updated first post.
  13. @tluck - Yes I was thinking about the same thing. Now that Clover is doing DualLink patching for us we don't need it in dsdt.aml. I'll change that in the next release. BTW: how should we call the Installer? - ThinkPad EFI Pack - Clover for ThinkPads - Clover ThinkPad Edition - other? (add your suggestions)
  14. @honeywell - we won't support software you are mentioning so I suggest you use Lion DiskMaker (it's nice and easy - just like on real mac). I'll update first post soon to reflect changes and interesting info found in this thread. But in general the steps you need to take is: 1. Create install media using Lion DiskMaker 2. Use my custom Clover pkg to install Clover on install media 3. Boot from prepared pen-drive and install OS X 4. Repeat step 2 this time pointing to your hard drive 5. Start making your CLOVER/OEM/<PRODUCTMODEL> based on 4180A32 6. Install missing kexts using myHack (Sound, Battery, ACPI-1.3.5 and others if you need them) @tluck - actually the new installer includes your dsdt and ssdt. I didn't have time to touch my dsdt and because yours works for others I've decided to use it
  15. @ag6952563 - If you are using Clover r1597 in old folder structure, this can only mean that developers made Clover backwards compatible - interesting. Anyways if you plan to still use chameleon - keep your kexts in /S/L/E (cause those injected by Clover won't be loaded). But I suggest you to move all your custom kexts from /S/L/E to /E/E and use myHack to deal with installing custom kexts, rebuilding system and kernel caches, fixing permissions etc. I'm guessing that tluck is using "CLOVER/kexts/10.8" folder to share his custom kexts with others but he still have them installed in /S/L/E, cause not all kexts can be injected by Clover (and work). As for default partition for booting you can set it just like on normal mac using System preferences > Startup disk but for this to work nvram.plist file is needed cause we are using EmuVariableUefi-64.efi driver for settings storage (just install clover rc-scripts). I'll soon finish my latest Clover custom build that will install config files compatible with our lenovos, themes, drivers, rc-scripts, etc. Stay tuned. @all - I was thinking about adding custom OEM folders. For those that have HD (not HD+) displays that need DualLink = 0 or t420s series that have USB3 or maybe other models like x220, t520 etc. I just need people with supported hardware to step in and share details about their setup (what is different from t420, what needs to be added/removed). We could make one Combo EFI package that will work for all UEFI enabled ThinkPads. UPDATE: I have just finished my custom build mentioned above (no OEM folders yet -actualy there is one for 4180A32 that includes dsdt and ssdt from tluck). This one is based on Clover r1625 and has all the stuff Lenovo UEFI user needs. This one is enabled to install to ESP by default with ThinkPad Theme and RC scripts. User has choice to install Clover Preference PaneI and Optional RC scripts. I have modified touchpad driver default pseudo-multigestures actions as follows: 4 fingers down - shows desktop (F11) 4 fingers up - shows mission control (Ctrl + Up) 4 fingers right - shows widgets (Ctr + Left) 4 fingers left - shows fullscrean apps (Ctrl + Right) Again this one is for HD+ LCD by default - so HD (low res.) users change DualLink from 1 to 0 in config.plist Clover_v2_r1625k0.pkg.zip