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  1. Where do I start?

    Well there are 2 ways you can go about making a USB installer which I assume is what you're wanting to do. You can use Terminal or make one manually. For someone new to Hackintosh I reckon use Terminal. Here are the Terminal instructions: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT201372Note that by using this method you need to install Clover or Chameleon onto the USB afterwards. Just make sure you don't have the High Sierra "Stub" application, you can do this by right clicking on it and selecting "Get Info" and if it's 5+GB you're good to go but if it's only 19MB you need the full installer.
  2. Web drivers support the 8800GT. Give em a go. http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/125379/en-us
  3. s.l.server won't complete install

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279088-how-to-patch-any-mac-os-x-restore-dvd-gray-disc-to-work-on-any-computer/Something like this? Good luck, - Matt
  4. Usually an installer error occurs when either your boot device image or your installer app file was damaged or modified. Try creating a new USB with your original image and if that fails re-download the Mavericks install app and try again.
  5. Keyboard not working at selecting yosemite zone screen.

    Step 1: Don't use a distro. They are hacked copies of Mac OS and are generally loaded with stuff that clogs the OS when you don't need it. Your hardware can easily install OS X without the use of a distro. Try it vanilla using createinstallmedia and Clover rather than Chameleon as Chameleon does not support UEFI.
  6. stuck at language screen

    During the freeze, does it show any debug messages if you boot in verbose? It is most likely a kernel panic, and if it is then you will know if the screen turns black and white text appears (provided you boot with -v of course). So is there debug info or is it just a freeze?
  7. Loops on boot after update

    Boot with -v and tell us where it reboots.
  8. Kernel Panic - AppleACPIPlatform

    Fair enough, well done making it work.
  9. Kernel Panic - AppleACPIPlatform

    Yeah Intel's Dothan architecture was released in 2004 so that makes it to date 13 years old. This particular processor has a HUGE TDP of 5.5W, SO MUCH POWWEEERRR. At least it's efficient lol. I reckon Win95-2000 might work OK, but surely you could afford a $50 prebuilt Core 2 Duo Dell to put OS X on? It would be a MUCH better experience than trying to run it on the Pentium. Plus you could do a vanilla installation with no patching and screwing around with the kernel.
  10. help me with my asus gl

    We can certainly help, but you're going to have to be a bit more specific about what the issue is. The latest revision of Clover can be found here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cloverefiboot/ You will need nVidia Web Drivers for your 1050, and Intel HD 630 can be made to work with the various patches around the place.
  11. Have you guys ever looked at the codenames Intel uses for its products? They're actually really cool, they got stuff like Ironlake, Alpine Ridge, Dragontail Peak, Clover Trail etc. I wanted some original names for the computers I own so I wrote up a little Python Script to mix and match the Intel codenames to see what cool stuff I could get out. Here is the script: prefix = input("Input Prefixes. Will be seperated by spaces: ").split() suffix = input("Input Suffixes. Will be seperated by spaces: ").split() for i in prefix: for s in suffix: if i == s: pass else: print(i, s) Pretty much for prefix you put the first part of the word you want e.g. Iron, Alpine, Ice and for suffix you put a list of suffixes you want e,g, Lake, Ridge, Trail etc. Seperating them by spaces. You can use an online Python executer to run it, I used IDLE but just do it online if you don't want to download stuff. I used these as prefixes for my list: Air Alpine Anchor Apollo Ash Auburn Aubrey Bay Bear Bloom Blue Broad Camino Cannon Canoe Canyon Cave Cherry Clear Clover Cold Copper Crystal Devils Diamond Dragontail Eagle Echo Emerald Forest Fox Frost Ibex Iron Ivy Hawk Kaby Lake Light Lynn Oak Pilot Pine Polar Ralston Red Red-Rock Rock Sandy Sea Shark Shoal Silver Skull Sky Snow South Tiger Tunnel Valley Wolf Wood and these as suffixes for my list: Bay Bridge Canyon Cave Cove Creek Dale Falls Forest Fountain Harbour Hawk Hill Hollow Isle Lake Land Mine Mont Mountain Pass Point Pond Reef Ridge River Trail View Ville Vista Water Well Wood It generated 2038 lines lol Some of my favourite ones it made were Irontrail, Cloverlake, Icewell, Alpine Bay, Dragontail Hollow and Crystal Reef. Attached is the output of the program if you're too lazy to copy and paste some stuff into a python executor. Intel_Codename_Generator_Output.txt
  12. ATI RADEON HD 4600

    That kext is for 10.11. Do not expect earlier versions of kexts to work on older versions of OS X such as Sierra. In fact, it was Sierra that changed the AMD Radeon Framebuffer code to add extra 0's for some reason, so they may have changed other stuff with Radeon cards as well. If I were you I would try to find a solution specifically for Sierra and if you can't find anything try it on El Capitan using that kext.
  13. Earrly reboot 10.9.5

    Yeah sorry my friend seeing as the 750 Ti is a Maxwell Card rather than the typical 7xx series Kepler architecture it is not compatible with OS X Mavericks. Maxwell support was introduced in 10.10 Yosemite, so if you want to run your computer with full GPU performance you will have to run 10.10 or above. Unless you get yourself a Kepler GPU or one of the 7000 series AMD cards (includes R9 2xx rebrand) you will not be able to run Mavericks.
  14. Add a recovery partition on a triple boot drive?

  15. VirtualBox on tiger