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Apple unveils "macOS Sierra"

  • Apple today unveiled "macOS Sierra" at its Worldwide Developers Conference 2016.

Developers are being given a preview version of macOS Sierra today and a public beta will be available this summer (in July).

The final version will be available to the general public in the fall.

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In Spain, where i am from Sierra means either a saw or a mountain range, so in honor of my great country (not), and of the unforgettable Mac OS X Snow Leopard i think it should be Mac OS Sierra Nevada  (Snowy Mountains)


Glad to see a change in Mac OS naming though :D

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Hi Micky!

Any idea to upgrade to Sierra without developer id?



It's on your own - google search or waiting till July for public beta. 

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Oops. Can you give me a redeem code? Thanks very much.


No. Firstly its against our rules. Plus I'm an active Develeoper on the App Store... wont break anything.

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