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  1. frankiee

    alienware15r2 ,sleep but can't wake! need help!

    Sounds similar to my own wake problems (but using X79 / Ivy-E) - where noone has found a solution yet. What macOS version are you using?
  2. Not sure but does it matter anyways? I guess it was BOOTX64.efi, mt86.png and unifont.bin. BOOTIA32.eif should not be needed, not sure about unifont.bin and blacklist.cfg. But as I said, it cannot hurt to copy all files. When I have some time, I will update my own memtest install and take another look at it.
  3. I see that the image now contains additional files. Basically, you can copy the the contents of the whole EFI/BOOT folder contained in memtest86-usb.img.
  4. Yeah, quite a lot of people experience the same, but there seems to be no solution so far. I tried so many things, and actually have given upon this topic - so well, as it seems, if you want to run HS on an affected system you won't be able to sleep. I still think it is ACPI related, but I am not competent enough with this to be able to find a solution. Of course if anyone has any additional ideas it would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Sorry, I have no experience with neither Windows PE nor Acronis. But what you have to do anyways is to find the correct ".efi" application and make an corresponding entry in clover (just like with the memtest entry under GUI > Custom > Entries), like this: <dict> <key>Disabled</key> <false/> <key>FullTitle</key> <string>Windows 10</string> <key>Hidden</key> <false/> <key>Ignore</key> <false/> <key>Path</key> <string>\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi</string> <key>Type</key> <string>Windows</string> <key>VolumeType</key> <string>Internal</string> </dict> So this would be an entry for a common windows installation, maybe you have to adapt the path for "bootmgfw.efi" for windows 10 PE? As for the acronis thing, I see a folder called "efi" in your screen, so maybe the app you are looking for is found there? Also I have found that the "type" needs to be adapted as well. I mean for windows it is actually "Windows", but maybe you will need to adapt this as well for the acronis entry. Hope this helps!
  6. frankiee

    "Completely rethinking the MacPro"

    Well, the fact that it takes sooooooooo long (now seemingly end of 2019, maybe even later?) makes me worrying. I mean I do not expect it to be just a simple tower, like the good old cheesegrater seemingly everyone wants to see again. If they really wanted to do that, the job would be finished by now. Making towers is not that hard, even ones with bling bling design (The real thing Apple seems to be caring about. Function follows form now rules for them, what a shame) I think Apple does not get that reinventing the wheel (G4 cube!) was the actual problem, no - they seem to think that they reinvented it the wrong way, and now they do it again ... So the consequence is that instead of waiting, I will now look for the next hackintosh build ... I have lost faith in Apple that they ever will produce a decent "pro system" again. That also means that they never will get my money again for the "pro" {censored} they produce. The "iMac Pro" is just another joke in my eyes.
  7. frankiee

    Intel CPU hardware vulnerability

    OK, so I should be protected also on macOS now? As I have dual BIOS (currently one patched and one unpatched) it would relatively easy for me to switch back, and if only for testing purposes. I was just curious if the patch is actually also effective on macOS, but if I understand you correctly, this should be the case.
  8. frankiee

    Intel CPU hardware vulnerability

    LOL yeah, go ahead and try it Seriously, is there another way to find out?
  9. frankiee

    Intel CPU hardware vulnerability

    Yeah, but how can I verify it is effectively working? At least for the windows side, the BIOS update was mandatory to be fully protected. So if they did a firmware update for "real macs", we still won't have that on a hack.
  10. frankiee

    Intel CPU hardware vulnerability

    Does anyone know if there is a tool for macOS for checking actual vulnerability? I have installed a patched BIOS (with latest microcode) for my R4BE, and on windows it says that I am in fact now fully protected. Now I am curious if that BIOS update has any effect on the mac side.
  11. So yeah, if even guys like you cannot fix this, this seems to be a tough - or even unsolvable - problem. I really hate those kind of problems
  12. Stinga - this might be OT - but do you have any idea why a lot of X79 and C602 systems seem to be unable to wake? Seems like this problem is centered around Sandy and Ivy Bidge CPUs, so maybe it's not OT at all, but nobody so far has any concrete ideas why this happens. Symptoms: Machine goes to sleep (apparently) just fine Machine wakes when pressing power button, fans ramp up But nothing more happens. No traces of any wake event in the macOS logs. Machine can only be powered down by pressing the power button for some seconds, even the reset button is dead in this state The LEDs on my mobo (the ones indicating POST state) are endlessly cycling through various values (something like 32 - E1 - 00 - 10 - 19 - 27 - 26 - b9 - b5 - 5A) Everything worked fine pre 10.13. Especially the last symptom may indicate that the problem is somewhere "deep down" on the ACPI level, but no idea if it is CPU PM or something else.
  13. As I see it the lag might be caused by a huge memory leak affecting at least the window server. I really fell from my chair when I saw that at some point, WindowServer process was using 30GB(!!!) of RAM. Also might explain why some are having lags and others not. As soon as your available RAM is eaten away bc of this leak, swapping will occur, and if that does happen with the window server process, no wonder why the UI starts to stutter. If you have lots of RAM, it might take a bit longer until you notice such problems. Also seems like Pascal GPUs are more effected than older chipsets. Not sure if that really was the case, but might be an explanation. But, latest 161 drivers seem to have fixed this leak problem (at least for me), so in theory lags should go away as well then.
  14. I agree with others that the design is still sub par (color contrast!) but of course this is should be fixable easily by tweaking some CSS. But what I don't understand is why the site is still not running https?? Thats a huge ommission in my eyes, please add this as soon as you can.
  15. Thanks for the info! So it seems we have to wait until someone (maybe Apple ...) finds a fix for this.