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A calling for all HUD fans.

Do you like HUD? and if you could to make all application and utility as HUD or the entire OSX UI?

So, here is your place.


Its very simple in 3 easy steps:

1) Did you make any hud mod? post here and share with us if possible.

2) Have you seen any hud mod around there? post here and let us know/test too.

3) Want to contribute by posting some how-to or something related? Please go on.

Yet Another Freebie: LoginWindow (By: DiaboliK)


Complete LoginWindow Set, Included is:





Force Quit Menus:



About This Mac:









you can also run the additional apple tiffs thru Photoshop and add an 85% opacity to match the style of the HUD better.

Theres also a few other .nibs included in my .zip which all pertain to LoginWindow.

note for tiger users ! none of this login windows huds doesn't work properly.



at least for me.







can you also add the location where the files have to be replaced please.




most of them goes to English.lproj or Resources folder by right click on app and show package content.

....!! I did the HUD style for activity monitor and I wanted to revert back, so I copied back the backup of the original English.lprog or whatever folder but its still in the HUD style :) How do I go back?


EDIT: Logged out and logged back in and the old style is back :) Weirdly enough though I didn't have to do that when installing the HUD in the first place

Best topic yet. I'm addicted, anyway to get more?


System Profiler, Safari download window, Finder file copy, right-click context menu...


Also, how are you guys making these, I'm interested in making my own!



where do i put these?

I know how to do the program specific ones, but what about the activity monitor and login and about this mac ones? Where are the original files located?



To install an HUD:


* Go to the app that the HUD was meant for

* Right click on the app and click Show Package Contents

* Navigate to Contents >> Resources

* Back up the entire English.lproj folder

* Replace the English.lproj folder with the one from the HUD archive

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