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  1. Hey peach, Really? Good thing you posted that info. I'm not going to buy it since I found out that there is a restocking fee if I return it. I also read that there are known kernel panics related to the 3132 kext. Oh well, I guess I'm not going to take the risk Too bad I only have ICH7. Now I'm wishing that it has a R on it. Thanks!
  2. Oh that sucks It seems that it is true. However, I'm thinking of buying it and see if it works. I'll just return it if it doesn't or Maybe I could stick with Leoaprd. Will it work natively? Or do I have to install something? I have 2 x 250GB Seagate drives to setup in Raid 0. Are you also in raid 0 setup? Thank you.
  3. Hi all, I have two identical hard drives right now and I'm planning to buy a Raid PCIe X1 card tomorrow. My motherboard doesn't have built-in Raid. This is the card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16816124017 According to the website, it uses Sil 3132 chipset. I'm just planning to do Raid 0. Will this work in Snow Leoaprd? I heard that the Sil 3132 in now listed as incompatible. Does this mean I'll not be able to use this in Snow? Some people (with real macs) said that they just need to use the old drivers. But I'm an OSX86er so I need to know if there are hacked kexts for this chipset. How about in Leopard only? BTW, I don't know much about raid setup. I only read it in books .. I just have ideas. I never actually attempted to setup Raid in either Linux or WIndows hands on. However, I need to know because of my new Job. I need to practice ASAP. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I never actually tried patching my dsdt but now I need because I'm trying to install Snow Leo. I was told that I need a working patched dsdt to make SL boot. In Leopard, my system works without patched dsdt. But in Snow Leo, it does not! I tried patching using pcwiz dsdt gui patcher and it gives 2 errors and warnings. I also tried using other dsdt patcher and it gives the same stuff. I already tried force compiling and the dsdt output doesn't work. So I'm thinking that I need to fix those errors manually to make it work. Where do I start? Is there an "auto" fixer? Is it really hard to fix? I really help your need guys because I just purchased the retail and if this doesn't work, I have to return the SL to Apple for full refund. My laptop uses: G965 chipset x3100 GMA 2gb of ram 160 Sata hdd - no option in bios if AHCI or IDE mode is selected - so unknown Atheros 5006 mini pcie (replaced) - detected as airport extreme in leopard T7100 processor 1.8ghz Not gonna use ethernet but it works natively in leo *** I'm posting here because I'm going to make the DSDT patching inside Leopard Thank you so much!!
  5. cyber_tods

    OSX Leopard 10.5.7 + Nvidia 7300

    Hi, Sorry to bump this topic but any of you who has Nvidia 7300/7200 (GT,GS,LE) tried it on Snow Leopard? Does it work like how it is in Leopard? Thank you so much.
  6. Hi all, I'm planning to buy a wireless card for my laptop. I'm down to 3 wireless cards and I need your opinion. What can you say about the Atheros AR5BXB6 that was pulled out from a real mac? Will it work with my Sony laptop that has Leopard 10.5.6? Will it also work with Windows XP/Vista/7 or Linux? Can it login to WPA/WPA2 encryption? I know that the Dells already work but I just want to be sure that it can connect to WPA/WPA2 encryption. What do you think I should pick? Thank you. EDIT: I also found out that there is a version of AR5BXB6 that came from IBM and Toshiba laptops. Is that more compatible in hackintosh that the one from a real mac?
  7. cyber_tods

    Best MiniPCIe for OSX86? - Change topic

    Again hi. I researched about issues with Dell wireless products and I found out that there could be possible problems with both 1390 and 1490 in connected to encrypted routers? Does this issue still stands today? Like connected to WPA/WPA2/WEP encrypted routers. Some people reported that they can't even see the routers in the network list. What do you think is the best miniPCIe (works out of the box) that doesnt have problems connecting to encrypted networks. Thanks again.
  8. cyber_tods

    Truemobile 1390 on dell XPS m1530

    Is this problem still happening right now? I'm planning on buying Dell 1390 and connect it to my WPA-2 wireless router? I hope this issue was resolved already. Anybody having issues with Dell 1390 connecting to WPA2 signals? Thank you!
  9. cyber_tods

    Best MiniPCIe for OSX86? - Change topic

    bump - changed topic
  10. Hi all, I have a Sony VAIO VGN-CR140E series laptop and I installed OSX via boot-132. Almost all hardware seems to work fine except of course my wireless which is an Intel 4965AGN wireless. I know that this wireless is still not working in OSX so I decided on giving up and thinking of other alternatives. At first, I though of using a USB wireless but I decided not to because I don't want it dangling around. Ok, I found out that my VAIO is using miniPCIe which makes the Dell wireless 1390 a good candidate for my replacement. What is better than the Dell 1390? Is there a more compatible miniPCIe wireless out there? I'm planning to buy in ebay this coming sunday. I heard that the Dell 1490 is also good. Is there any other hassle free - out of the box working miniPCIe wireless out there? Thanks.
  11. cyber_tods

    AnV XNU Kernel V1.4

    Thanks for this. I also had a problem with stuffit deluxe. It seems the old stuffit deluxe doesn't work. The new one, on the other hand, gives an error on my 10.5.5 seatbelt.kext/10.5.5 voodoo. The extracted version just made my day. Thnx
  12. Hi, I have the same problem as the guy above. EasyBCD is unable to access BCD store Problem details The boot configuration data store could not be opened. bcdedit.exe doesn't exist. However, I went to C:\Program Files\NeoSmart Technologies\EasyBCD\bin and tried to run bcdedit.exe in command prompt and it gives the same error. The unknown parititon is my osx. I just reformatted and is doing some tests. It doesn't matter if I mess up everything. I'll just reformat again if needed. What I'm trying to do is searching for the best bootloader and it would be ok for me if you instructed me to do dangerous stuff just to make EASYBCD work. ATM, I'm just trying to make WinXP and OSX dual boot. Tnx!
  13. cyber_tods

    Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Hi, I was just wondering if the nForce ethernet issue with dual boot (with Windows) is already fixed. I remember before that when I install OSX in my machine and it has windows as dual boot, I have to unplugged the power supply for 30 secs and replug to boot to a different OS in order for the ethernet to work (ofcourse nForce4 LAN). Do we still have that problem? I would really want to test but I don't want to reformat my computer just to see if it would work. Anyone? Tnx
  14. Go to the Green Demon and click/search the original XXX_10.5.6 ISO torrent. Then click his user name and check his uploaded torrents. You will see the ppf1 there.
  15. @rickygtl What tags did you put in the search? I've tried XXX ppf1 / XXX_10.5.6 ppf1 / ppf1 / alot of other things but the search results doesn't give it to me. What did you type under the search bar? Tnx