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  1. iTouch Screenshots

  2. OMG! is that leo????? No offense, these look fine at 512. But they're not optimized for smaller sizes. They look weird when scaled with the original summer drives. Are you using Icon Composer and creating a proper icns?
  3. @CHEKKZ What I wanna know is how you turned the date/time white? isn't that impossible?? Also, can you post your Extras2.rsrc and SArtbin files? My MBP ... fresh install
  4. iTouch Screenshots

    Yea but I'm on a 2G completely unlocked, using pay as you go...
  5. Maybe I can use this icon for storing the "I'm Rich" app...
  6. My bad, please delete this thread.
  7. iTouch Screenshots

    EDIT: this is firmware 1.1.4
  8. Good FTP Program?

    Flow FTP. Period.