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  1. Berzerker

    iPhone 3G through 5.1 Desktop Speakers?

    Your best bet is to use it to connect to a speaker set, then output using Dolby Digital Pro Logic II, which emulates surround sound from stereo input.
  2. Berzerker

    Apple Wireless Keyboard to Sony Vaio

    For the wireless Apple keyboard, eight zeros (00000000) works better than four. No idea why, but that's how it did it for me.
  3. Berzerker

    New batteries for the 15" MBP?

    The point Apple made with the 17" Unibody was that since they made it non-removeable, it allowed for more space for the battery, so they could make it bigger. If they keep the 15" MBP battery removable, then they will need to keep the batteries the same and it wouldn't be any bigger/have anymore battery life than it has not. They will probably do this as to give customers incentive to go for the 17" as opposed to the 15".
  4. Berzerker

    MacBook or MacBook Pro?

    Call of Duty 4 would run much better on the 9600M GT. You'd see a noticeable difference.
  5. Berzerker

    Which MacBook should I buy?

    If you're going to go with the 2.4GHz Macbook, the you might as well go with the 15" Macbook Pro. Unless, you don't need the 9600M GT or FireWire, then go with the 2.4GHz Macbook.
  6. You have a certain number of pixels on the screen. A maximum would be 1 pixel per pixel of resolution. So, if you have 1440 pixels going across, and 900 pixels going down, the most you can have is 1440x900.
  7. Berzerker

    knowing the limits of mac upgrading

    The sizes are T6.
  8. Berzerker

    Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Where'd you get those icons? (MacBook and drive icons)
  9. Anything before the Aluminum Macbooks did NOT have LED Backlit displays. Even the current white plastic model does not have a LED Backlit display.
  10. Berzerker

    should i be worried bout high temp?

    Personally, I would not be worried with the heat. I've had Macs go up to 100C before, as long as it's not going over and hovering around there on load, then it should be fine. If the idle temp is around 55C, there's nothing wrong with your cooling system. Boot camp is notorious for letting the processor get a little more hot than it would on OS X, since the SMC works better with OS X than Windows. My 2 cents is that see if any problems arise. If nothing, then leave it alone.
  11. Berzerker

    Macbook heating?

    Normal temperature for a mac is around 55-65, so I'd say it's ok. Idle, mine has gone up to close to 85-90C. So, yours is considerably cool. The case does get a little hot at times. Make sure you're not running it in an overly hot room. As for running the computer with the screen closed: yes it will damage the screen. Most of the air gets circulated out from the keyboard, so the heat hitting the screen constantly will damage it.
  12. Berzerker

    should i be worried bout high temp?

    Wrong. The official threshold for the Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs is 115C, in which case the computer will shut off automatically.
  13. Berzerker


    Use a GParted Live CD, or any Linux Live CD and use the partition editor to remove the partition, then go back into OS X and resize the disk manually up with Disk Utility.
  14. Berzerker

    i-Bench to test your Mac

    Yeah. I guess Apple never changed the model type from the prototype models.
  15. Berzerker

    knowing the limits of mac upgrading

    That's the exact hard drive I replaced mine with in my MBP, runs awesome.