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  1. sg

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    no, QTX is failing to open h264 mp4 files that ML can open without Perian. looking into it some more, it seems to be able to some h264 files and not others that ML QTX could play.
  2. sg

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    I can't seem to play any mp4 videos in Quicktime X in 10.9
  3. sg

    OS X 10.9 DP's builds

    For me, almost everything is working just fine on my Z68x/2500K system with an Nvidia 670. The only problem is it seems my geekbench scores are lower and I'm not sure if it's because of power management or because of my 2500k not being fully overclocked while booted in Mavericks. Usually with my overclock I get about 12,500 in Geekbench but I'm only getting 9000. I'll try NullCPUPM later and see if that makes any differences. Using exact same Clover boot as my ML drive (just choosing to boot from Mavericks instead at the OS selection screen).
  4. 10.8.2, Nvidia 670 GTX (EVGA non-OC), 940 Gigaflops in Galaxies.
  5. and to be clear, if i hit the reset switch or turn off the machine after the panic, it will boot up properly.
  6. Starting with ML (this never happened in 10.7 or any previous version), I will get a kernel panic if i boot after restarting from Windows. i'm attaching the image of the panic, all I have is my DSDT, SSDT, FakeSMC really. i believe i might have gotten the panic once or twice when rebooting from OSX. my specs are : Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3, 2500K, 570GTX. the panic happens really early before any kexts are loaded:
  7. sg

    Farewell Revogirl

    that's horrible, i remember reading her threads.
  8. I just installed the GM build and noticed the helper files included a NullCPUPowerManagement kext and chose to ignore it on my Z68X-UD3H-B3 Gigabyte board since I haven't had to use it at all with 10.7. Once I booted into my ML Installer drive the I got a panic really early in the boot. Rebooting in single user mode did nothing, so I then tried to boot into my Lion drive and it was also doing a panic with the same early CPU faults. At first I thought I must have messed up some file copies and when I tried booting into Windows 7, it also started to blue screen right away. shutting down the machine for 30 seconds and turning it on didn't solve anything, it wasn't until I reset my CMOS to default values that everything started working. I dropped in NullCPUPM in my ML installer disk and it booted. So the question is, is anyone else seeing something like this? What's the deal with ML PM and is there a way to get PM working again?
  9. sg

    Problems installing ML

    you probably didn't delete the 'packages' symlink and create a new 'packages' folder and copy over the actual installation files.
  10. what's the issue with RAID exactly, is it only if you're booting from a RAID or if you have a RAID in your system for backups/storage?
  11. my Z68X-UD3H-B3 also does the same thing with sleep, it goes to sleep but after waking it up with mouse clicks, all the fans and lights come on, but display remains black. I have an ATI 5850. I haven't checked if the machine is actually waking up and if it's only the video card that's the issue, I'll do some ping tests later and see if I can SSH in.
  12. sg

    Lion GM Performance TEST Results

    none of the Galaxy links in that thread work, they've all been dead for ages. Any chance anyone can upload it somewhere or post it in this thread? TIA.
  13. sg

    Lion GM Performance TEST Results

    where can i download GALAXIES 32K_V2? can't seem to find it anywhere.
  14. sg

    Geforce 460GTX Supported!

    the 460 will simply keep crashing your mac with the current drivers. wait for new drivers or look at something else, i would recommend a 5850 which is going for $200 or less now.
  15. you can get an ati 5850 form new egg for about $175 which is much faster.